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Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019

The excitement of The Fringe Adelaide awaits you!

The annual Adelaide Fringe Festival is back with bigger hits and better shows this 2019!

Mark your calendars as the Adelaide Fringe brings you different shows everyday starting from…. 15 February to 17 March.

Don’t miss out on this astonishing arts festival with your family, friends and even your loved ones at the beautiful city of Adelaide.


It is known as world’s second-largest arts festival

It is a form of appreciation and are made for those that love and fond for the work of art.

The Adelaide Fringe is an open access event, allowing anyone with ideas and enthusiasm to register in the program, and so to showcase their arts to the public

Now, now, now

This festival will never be complete without some contemporary work in art forms of cabaret, comedy circus and physical theatre, dance, film, theatre, puppetry, music, visual art, magic, digital and interactive and design.

No matter which form of arts you like, they are here to whet your appetite! The first week is set to kick off ongoing 1300 performances and events.

Artists from Australia and across the globe take over the city in hundreds of pop up venues in parks, warehouses, lane-ways and empty buildings as well as established venues such as theatres, hotels, art galleries, cafes and town halls.

It makes no difference whether you’re a well-known performer or a smaller scale artists. As long as you are enthusiastic in performing, go for your passion as the Adelaide Fringe allows any type of artists, national or international, to perform, interact and play with their audiences.

Life at Adelaide is made better.

That’s the benefit of studying in Adelaide! You get to experience things you never will in other places. Don’t you just love how this city can bring so much excitement and anticipation to you?


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