Top 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Course to Study Overseas

Studying overseas is probably one of the best decisions one can make to enrich their educational experience. With an array of options available in today’s world of education, there is no doubt that students will find a course and a university that ma...

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Tips for Students Returning to the UK for Studies

As an international student, studying in the UK can be a bit overwhelming – especially if you’re returning back during the COVID-19. But hey, this pandemic is no reason to hamper or delay your UK study plans as universities in the UK offer a safe lea...

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Survival Guide for International Students in London

After a lot of accurate and precise research, you have finally planned to settle in a universities in London huh? As an international student in London, there are many exciting avenues to explore. From tourist spots to shopping that suits your lifest...

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Top 5 Things Every Malaysian Students Need to Know Before Studying Overseas

Oh, the excitement of exploring a new country while pursuing your studies! Studying overseas is a unique and exciting experience. There is a certain sense of accomplishment you gain when living away from your familiar surroundings, managing your expe...

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Are You Planning on Pursuing Your Dreams in the UK?

Here’s an opportunity to meet top UK university representatives at our Global Virtual Education Fair! Scroll through to know more. The industrial revolution 2.0 was a leap forward in the already technologically advanced world. Many witnessed the orig...

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Student Life in Canada: Everything You Ought to Know!

Life is all about keeping things balanced. As a student, it might feel like your one main goal is to accomplish and succeed in your education and exams while studying abroad. But hey, a little fun along the way hurts nobody, right? It’s so important ...

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Reasons for Working While Studying Overseas

Many will feel overwhelming working and studying at the same time, worried that they are not able to catch up with their school works. But we say this is the best time to experience life! Because right after you graduates, it is adulthood you are fac...

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Places of Interest in Canada   

Canada, one of the world’s renowned countries, apart from its top-quality education, also takes pride in its natural beauty. Additionally, Canada is one of the safest study destinations for students who come from different corners of the world every ...

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UK to open new immigration route soon

The UK government was delighted to inform an early opening of the new immigration route for its international students. The commencement of the new route was planned to begin in January next year but with COVID-19 making things difficult for internat...

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How Studying Overseas Can Change Your Life

Wondering what makes studying overseas different and exciting? We’ll tell you all about it! Along with access to better quality education, the whole experience of living in and adjusting to a new place and culture far away from home is absolutely wor...

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General Entry Requirements to Pursue Your Studying Overseas Dream

Have you been thinking of going overseas to pursue your higher education degree? If yes, you've probably spent countless hours doing research online, right? While doing so, have you gotten clarity on which path you should be taking? Which destination...

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What You Really Need to Know about Online Education.

Has the current global scenario disrupted the future of aspiring students, requiring them to put a temporary halt on their study abroad plans?  We think not. The world today has taken the plunge to change, reinvent and adapt to the alternative approa...

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7 Tips to Manage Your Money While Studying Overseas

Studying overseas is one of the most exciting experiences that you can rejoice in your life. We know, we know... Everything is so attractive, especially the food! Who can resist right?! Just try it 'cuz you only live once! But the one thing to keep i...

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The Value of Education Counsellors

In the age of social media and handheld devices, gathering information can be done at a click of a button any time at your convenience. Whether you are researching for the best university in Australia or the UK , or the lifestyle of international stu...

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Top Courses to Study in Australia for International students            

Did you know? Australia attracts around 637,415 international students, according to June 2020. This is a 1% increase in the number of students interested to study in Australia than that of June 2019. Currently, in accordance to UNESCO, 15,113 M...

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Top 7 Tips for Managing Your Time Studying Overseas

Studying overseas is a key to the door that allows you to gain valuable international experience. You will have the chance to bring out your own identity with an entirely new experience. It also plays a vital role in providing an all-rounded educatio...

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Should You Play A Role in Digital Marketing Field?

Are you the kind of person who is interested in a career that’s fast-paced, ever-changing, and ripe with potential for advancement? Then you should probably stop pondering any further and consider a career in digital marketing. Wondering About the Sk...

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New Policy Changes for International Students - Canada

The Canadian government has introduced some new temporary policy changes that are largely beneficial to the international students willing to study in Canada . With Canada being one of the friendly nations most preferred by international students, th...

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THE and AECC GLOBAL announce partnership to help international students looking to study in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore

Times Higher Education (THE), the trusted global data partner for higher education, and AECC Global, a leading provider of independent student counselling services and university application support, are delighted to announce a partnership supporting...

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Things You Should Know Before Studying in Canada

Canada. A picturesque country, known for its brilliant education, Niagara Falls, maple syrup, ice hockey and most importantly, Ryan Gosling (yep he's cute don't @ me), consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world. It is currently rate...

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