QS survey reports - online classes most preferred by staff in the UK

With the UK proposing to start classes on campus by introducing a blended form of learning which is inclusive of both online and face to face learning earlier this week, a recent survey has suggested that most universities prefer online courses to th...

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UK University Clearing: What Is It & How to Apply?

The world is moving forward in every aspect. Countries are now relaxing their rules, businesses are beginning to get back to normal and the unusual routine of life is now becoming a thing of the past. Slowly, yet surely, everything is falling into pl...

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Business Schools in Canada launches new online portal

    The Business Schools Association of Canada (BSCA) has recently introduced its online portal to help international and domestic students to access information about studying in the country. Every year Canada hosts around 17.71% of international st...

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The recent hike in Virtual Campus tours

    The COVID - 19 may have pushed the plans of young international students a little behind, but it has not stopped them from dreaming about studying abroad. Several universities across the world have been trying everything in their power ...

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Canada's new 2 Stage Study-permit approval process

    The Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino introduced some important visa approval plans for international students earlier last week. The International students who cannot submit all of the required documentation, can utilise th...

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How beneficial are ANU's new scholarship schemes?

    With all the esteemed Universities coming up with new scholarships to help international students, The Australian National University has stepped up with some beneficial financial aids too. To begin with, “The Chancellor’s International” scholars...

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New Beneficial Scholarships for International Students - USQ

    The University of Southern Queensland has introduced valuable scholarships for international students to help them achieve their study goals. The scholarships are based on meeting the entry requirements for the programs of study and successfully ...

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UK promises post-work study visa for International students

    The UK government has confirmed that the International students will be eligible to apply for their post-study work visa after graduating, provided they are back onshore by April 2021. This means that those students completing their degrees soon ...

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Australia to recommence granting visas to International students

The Australian Government on Monday initiated a set of new visa arrangements that entirely benefits the International students. The government has decided to recommence issuing visas outside Australia as soon as possible. Furthermore, the students wi...

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Top University Facilities in Australia

Planning to pursue a degree in Australia? The ‘Land Down Under’ as the country is popularly called is known for its high-ranking universities, government-funded programs and is an amazing place for research. The country is considered to be one of the...

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The US Govt permits the stay of students, reverses its earlier policy

With more than 60,000 international students currently residing in just Texas, the US government had earlier announced that the international students on F-1 and M-1 visas have to deport if they had registered exclusively only for online programs. In...

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The Best Courses to Study in New Zealand | Part 2

It's never ending when it comes to the best courses to study in New Zealand! Do you really think we're going to stop sharing after part 1? Of course not! Here comes part 2. Buckle up and start reading! PS: If you haven't read the first part, please d...

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The Best Courses to Study in New Zealand | Part 1

New Zealand is emerging as one of the most desired study destinations among international students looking forward to studying abroad. According to UNESCO, New Zealand is the preferred study destination after the United Kingdom, United States of Amer...

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Do These Things When You Are Studying in Auckland

Looking to study in the perfect metropolitan city which offers a mix of a lavish urban lifestyle and scenic beauty? Look no further! Auckland is the ideal city for all international students. Study at premier universities like the University of Auckl...

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National Treasure - The University of Auckland

Nowadays, having a university degree is no longer an asset. It is so common that out of 10 people that you talked to, 8 of them are university degree holders! Hence, how to make yourself shine brighter among people who have the same qualification as ...

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Why Not New Zealand?

Often when people think of studying abroad, Australia , UK , USA and Canada come to their minds. But why not New Zealand? Let me share with you some of their well-kept secrets that you and your parents must know. What You Don’t Know When it comes to ...

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Why Not Study Abroad? Opportunities Are Out There!

Studying abroad is a unique and highly enriching experience. It is a great way to boost your career, open you up to new opportunities and can enhance personal growth. Did I mention it also gives you great leverage while looking for global job opportu...

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5 Things Malaysian Students Should Know Before Studying in the UK

According to UNESCO, the United Kingdom is the top destination for Malaysian students to go study abroad. Of course, with its rich heritage, the UK offers Malaysian students the chance to meet new people, discover new interests and attend some of the...

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Things Students Can Do During University Lockdown

Across the globe, people are being told to stay at home and practice ‘social distancing’ in the wake of the worldwide corona-virus pandemic. If you’re usually a very busy student, the switch from your everyday regular life to now staying indoors all ...

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Part time job at New Zealand as a student

  Are you looking to live an independent life or earn some extra cash? If so, a part-time job in New Zealand is the perfect solution. The great news is that there are numerous part-time job opportunities available for international students like...

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