Monash Launches Australia’s Largest Biomedical Teaching Facility

Monash's new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building is now open for students! This new building is dedicated for teaching biomedical sciences. There are 4 "superlabs", where a lecturer can run a class for 240 students each time. Talk about how con...

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Sport Science Schools at Deakin University

Having campuses spread all over in the breadth of Victoria, from coastal Geelong and Warnambool to Burwood (all of them located in Melbourne), Deakin University is recognized as the being in the top 1% of universities globally. Studying at Deakin Uni...

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Faculty of Science and Arts at University of Newcastle

"Newcastle is a place where if you want to work hard and have innovation, you can open your own business, you can get involved with the University and do your own research. Newcastle is an incubator for great ideas." Professor John Fischetti. If it’s...

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Cost of Living in New Zealand

If you plan to study abroad, the last thing you want to do is to neglect the living costs because you might be jeopardizing your own future. There is no doubt the fact that New Zealand offers quality education which is why it is one of the most popul...

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How much does your degree in the US cost you?

Having to spend your uni years in the US can seem lovely but not everyone is able to realize this dream. Let’s get real here. Universities in the US are amongst the most expensive education institutions in the world. It usually takes parents to spend...

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Top Reasons to Study Engineering at The University of Technology, Sydney

Loving how digital technologies are ever changing and never static? Maybe it’s time for you to explore deeper into your passion. Learn to solve technical problems and enhance your digital knowledge and skills at the prestigious UTS. UTS Engineering a...

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The University of Queensland, Top Research University

Standing in the top 50’s, The University of Queensland has its campus scattered across St. Lucia, Gatton and Herston. For more than a century, The University of Queensland (UQ) has educated and worked with outstanding people to deliver knowledge lead...

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Why study at University of Canberra?

2019 marks 52 years since the Canberra College of Advanced Education Act was founded. It has since been renamed into University of Canberra in 1990. At only 29 years old, the university has taken a prestigious spot as one of the youngest universities...

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How international students feel at Monash University?

Every year, students from all across the nation strive to earn their spot in top universities that can possibly secure their future. As a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight universities, there is no doubt that Monash University, the lar...

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Earth Sciences at University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania. Strive for excellence. In the University of Tasmania, academic excellence and performance has always been hold accountable for one to realize his/her dream. Studying abroad has made better with a place like UTAS to learn and p...

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Study Chiropractic Science with the best at Macquarie University

Chiropractic Science might seem like a rare course, but Macquarie University has made it possible for those that aspire to treat spines and bones for the healthier lives of others. Here in Macquarie University, you will be a part of the most establis...

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Study Communication Design at RMIT

If you’re wondering how communication design works, it is one of the most comprehensive courses that requires you to think out of the box. So, get ready to think from all perspectives and angles with an open mind because you will always have to be al...

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Business at Queensland University of Technology

If you are looking forward to building your own empire, then you got to study with the best! In the year of 2017, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) appeared in The Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine as the best Executive MBA in the nat...

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Engineering course in the University of Technology Sydney

   And with education, EVERYTHING IS MADE POSSIBLE! If you see yourself in the engineering field in the future, the University of Technology Sydney is here to nurture you today! You have probably heard bits and pieces of this popular course in this d...

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Automotive Engineering at RMIT

If your interest lies in automotive engineering, you definitely can’t overlook the prestigious RMIT University that is well known for it. What can I gain from this course? This program includes mechanical engineering, giving you the chance to special...

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澳洲总共有45所公私立学校。然而,澳洲政府并没有公布正式的大学排行。澳洲的大学有几个类别,根据学生的需求和热情寻找适合的学校是非常重要的。三个大分类分别是: 八大院校联盟(GO8) 八大院校联盟包含八所世界顶尖研究取向的澳洲大学。这些大学大多是澳洲最为久远的大学,以研究为主并致力于发展高等教育。因其多年来在全球大学排名中名列前茅,一直以来都相当受到学生欢迎。八大院校联盟的成员包含:西澳大学(The University of Western Australia)、莫那什大学(Monash Uni...

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University of Otago, One of the best Medical & Pharmacy school in New Zealand

University of Otago, One of the best Medical & Pharmacy schools in New Zealand If you’re looking for a Medical and Pharmacy school to spend your undergraduate years at, why not look into the University of Otago? In 2018, the University of Otago m...

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UTS Immerse

UTS Immerse Ladies and gentlemen, raise your hands if you've watched the beautiful and clean performance by Front Pictures in America’ Got Talent! It’s so mesmerizing that no one could take their eyes off the screen for even a split second. NOW, NOW,...

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澳洲是一块美丽陆地。从大地之母的恩赐、黄金海岸、热带荒野到壮观的城市,澳洲是一块充满异国情调的壮丽大陆。除此之外,澳洲高品质的教育更将这个国家声望带至高峰。澳洲的高等教育是所有海外国家之中的上上之选。但是什么使得澳洲的教育如此独一无二?以下是主要原因: 世界頂尖的大学 澳洲有世界上最好的教育制度。澳洲有43所以上的大学多年来被评比为世界顶尖大学,并且有1200间以上的教育机构提供22000个以上的学程。澳洲是经常积极监督和管理教育部门的国家之一,以此来确保提供给学生的教育品质有所保证。这里也提供...

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The Future Trend in Australia Education

Riding on the waves of Digital Trends and Choosing the right University There is an abundance of predictions on the future trends claiming that lots of jobs are still non-existent yet in this day and age. Although they are merely predictions, Austral...

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