Top Universities in UK

Studying abroad brings with lot of new opportunities and benefits. It comes with the advantage of being exposed to world-class universities with good research facilities. But you need to decide why to study in the UK. Studying in the UK gives you a lot of advantages that brings students from all parts of the world. Some of the important reasons to ...

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Master in the UK

Pursuing a master's degree in the UK is followed by a graduation degree in the UK. The UK is the home of many world-renowned universities. A PG degree from the UK is regarded highly by many employers. The duration of the degree is for one year. This means students will be able to start their careers with the successful completion of a PG program.&n...

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Futuristic Degrees for Emerging Markets in Malaysia

A futuristic degree is an educational program that delves into the study of prospective technology and science that can shape the business market in the future. This interdisciplinary field can include a range of disciplines such as Political Science, Economics, Engineering, Sociology and more. However, holding a futuristic degree isn't a strict ne...

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News Update: Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) Extension

It's time to rejoice for all the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) holders and international students residing in Australia! The Australian government has recently announced that it will be extending the 485 visa for two more years. This is certainly great news!  What is a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)? For international students...

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What is GMAT Exam All About? Is GMAT Mandatory for an MBA Degree?

Are you planning to pursue a graduate degree in business or management? Well, you're in luck because we're here to discuss the GMAT exam - the gateway to your dream career!The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is like the ultimate boss battle for anyone who wants to enter a graduate-level business or management program. It's a standardised ...

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Honours vs. non-honours degree: Which is better?

Whether you are making a transition from high school to college life or from bachelor's to the next level of your education, there are high chances you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the queries and advice thrown at you. Feeling a little lost and confused is something normal at this stage of your life. If "honours degree" or "hons." is a ter...

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Curtin University, Singapore - A Popular Choice of Students wanting to Study Abroad

 Singapore is a country that has been constantly rising as a popular destination for international students. Known for its diverse culture, world-class education, and vibrant city life, the island nation offers a unique experience for those seeking to study abroad. With its highly developed infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and progress...

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Data Science – The Most Popular Course Choice Among Students?

 It's been a crazy time for the world's economy - pandemic to the looming recession, the future of the world is hanging by a thin thread. Difficult times have led to difficult decisions, with companies across the world temporarily suspending hiring and laying-off manpower. Nevertheless, if there is one sector that has withstood these changing ...

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What are STEM Courses, and Why Should I Study One in 2023?

The world is changing rapidly, and in order to keep up, we need innovative thinkers who can solve problems and create new solutions. If you are someone who loves science and wants to pursue a career in a field that is growing in popularity, a degree in the STEM field may be the perfect choice for you! But why are STEM courses so popular and in-dema...

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Love to Build, Code or Design? - Study Engineering in New Zealand

 Do you find yourself constantly wondering how machines work? Or how buildings are constructed? Or how aircrafts stay in the sky? Are you fascinated by these and want to learn more? Then engineering may be the perfect choice for you! There is no one definition of an engineer, as the field is so broad. However, generally speaking, engineering i...

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One-year Master’s Vs. Two-year Master’s Program in Canada - Which is Better?

Have you been thinking about pursuing a master's program in Canada? Are you in search of a master's program that can be completed in one year? Then you are in the right place. There are many benefits to completing a master's program in just one year. Not only is the cost of a one-year program less than a two-year program, but you will also gain val...

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Why Should Malaysian Students Study Law in Australia?

Do you thrive in debates or always stand up for what's fair? Well, then, a law course is the perfect fit for you! By studying law, you'll not only learn the rules of the book but also sharpen your skills of critical thinking and problem-solving. Additionally, you'll gain persuasive research and writing abilities. Pursuing a law degree at an esteeme...

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Why Choose to Study Psychology in the UK?

Do you often find yourself wondering why people do the things they do? Are you intrigued by human behaviour and the motivations behind it? A Psychology degree could be the perfect fit for you. The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities in the world for studying psychology, which means that you would be getting an education from wor...

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How To Find Student Housing in Australia: Top Cities & Costs

Kudos! You've worked hard and it's finally paid off. As you take your next steps towards studying in Australia, it's important to find the right student housing in Australia that suits your needs. Home is where the heart is. They say that a person's home is their castle and for good reason. A home is somewhere you can feel safe, relaxed, and comfor...

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We just hit ‘Refresh’! AECC Global is now

Just like humans, organizations grow too. Like a beautiful infant that grows physically and intellectually to become a well-rounded adult, brands grow with time in several ways. Starting out as a simple service provider in the industry, a small team worked hard, seized the right opportunities and ascended to become an industry leader. They distingu...

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Top 3 study abroad intakes in US, UK & Canada

Is studying abroad at the top of your bucket list? Then you must have decided on your study destination, and probably your university too! It is now essential to know when the study abroad intakes are. Universities abroad provide three intakes: fall, winter, and spring/summer, and you can choose your preferred intake according to your convenience a...

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Best Courses in New Zealand for International Students

If you have made the decision to study in New Zealand, great choice! Now that you've decided on your study destination, you're probably thinking about which course to choose and what the best courses in New Zealand are. Many international students choose to study in New Zealand because it offers one of the finest education systems in the world; to ...

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8 Cool Things to do in New Zealand as an International Student

If you're an international student studying in New Zealand, you might be wondering what there is to do outside of your university life. We have listed a few exciting things for you to do in New Zealand that will help you make the most of your time here! Let’s dive right in… Relax in one of nature's hot springs!Hike through some of the ...

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5 Things Every International Student in Australia Should Know

Australia is the third most popular country among international students to study abroad. Woot woot! If you are an international student in Australia (or you have plans of studying in Australia), you should know these things. Scroll down to discover more you need to remember than just studying. Let’s dive right in… Getting a Part-Time ...

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Why Choose to Study Data Science in the UK

"Data is the new oil".This quote, from Clive Humby, is a recognition of the value that data holds in today's world, where it is now seen as equally valuable. Technology is advancing at a quick pace, and with it, a large amount of data is being generated. Today, one of the top trending professions in the job market is data science.Now, what is the f...

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