Cost of living in Canada for Malaysian Students

  Have you always dreamt of studying in the Great White North? If yes, then you’re on the right page. Not only is Canada the best study destination for international students, but the country also measures a total of 9.984 million square k...

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Canada vs the USA - A comparison between two popular study destinations.

Are you planning to start off on a plan to study abroad? Is it leaving you in a head-scratching situation when you think about where in the world you want to study? Listen, we’ll get through this together! Taking a decision at this point may seem lik...

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Murdoch University Offers 'International Welcome Scholarship'!

Murdoch University has always been a supportive community to the international students and the University is now making online education seamless while offering a 40% scholarship to eligible new international students who commence their Murdoch Univ...

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Post-graduation courses that are always in-demand for all industries in the UK

  Pretty much everyone who completes an undergraduate degree will be wondering, “What’s NEXT?”. If you feel like you have to climb your career ladder a little more and strengthen your expertise in a particular field, then you s...

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In-Demand Master's Courses in Australia

Planning to pursue a master's degree in Australia? Congratulations on making a remarkable choice! Australia is renowned for its exceptional academic standards, particularly in master's courses. Once you've determined Australia as your study destinati...

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UK Graduate Route for International Student | Post-study Opportunities

Are you an international student studying in the UK? Well then, we are sure that you are aware that as an international student, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the UK after you’re done with your studies. Let us tell you what the Gr...

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Why Do You Need a Portfolio to Apply for Architecture Courses?

Are you someone who is into designing and creating artworks? Are you aiming to pursue a Bachelor/Master’s degree in Architecture? If yes, you have landed on the right page! There is no doubt that Architecture is a highly beneficial and rewarding prof...

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Career Crossing - It's okay to change your study path!

Who said you can stick to one job? Today, it is not unusual to have a change in your study path. While courses are becoming interdisciplinary, switching between courses will not set you back. Also, you are more likely to succeed in your career as soo...

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Can Your Dependent Work in the UK While You're Studying?

Going to study a postgraduate programme in the UK but also don't feel like leaving your spouse in your homeland? We all know about the world-class higher education opportunities and the bright job prospects available in the UK. As many international ...

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Everything About Popular Business Management Courses in Australia

Hey aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs out there, the future needs you! Um, it looks like you are thinking about making your study plans a reality, lately. If yes, well, it's time for you to step ahead. To remain ahead in the competitive business world, it is imperative that one understands the nuances of business. If you are someone who i...

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Study Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Occupational Therapy in Australia

How great is it that science advanced so much that we have a separate field of study to become a professional masseuse or bone cracker? Interestinggg… but what are you talking about?!X OOP. Here, let's see what it takes to become a specialist in these fields: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy Chiropractic Let’s dive right in… Physiot...

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Canada Quick Tour: Why Study in Ontario?

Canada, widely regarded as the best overseas destination for international students, is ranked first in the world for its modern infrastructure, friendly people, and fun atmosphere, making it an ideal place to study and work. While Canada has a wide ...

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Up to £350 Student Route Visa Application Fees Awaiting | Teesside University

Teesside University's SEA Regional Office has initiated the CARE Campaign to encourage the students to confirm their acceptance by 30th June 2021.  THESE ARE FOR YOU! Student Route visa application fees worth up to £350.00  Grocery shopping voucher w...

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Futuristic Degrees for Emerging Markets in Malaysia

Hiii study abroad aspirants! Do you know the importance of understanding the current trends in the job market? Being aware of the job trends is essential because you will have an understanding of how these changes will affect you in the future. This ...

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SPM Results Are Out! What Should I Do Next?

Congratulations on successfully completing your SPM exam! It's a remarkable achievement. Now that you have received your SPM results, it's time to take a breather and celebrate your accomplishment. However, it's natural to start pondering about what ...

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Math is important, but is it compulsory?

Math is quite an interesting subject, isn’t it? While some people break their heads (not literally :p) while trying to get it through their heads, some people find it fascinating!! (how tho how???? T_T) Well, math is an important area of study and re...

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Best Banks in the UK for International Student | How to Open

  Best Banks in the UK for International Students | How to Open Account in One? Going over to the UK to study? Well, brilliant decision! Before you take to the skies and make your way to the United Kingdom as an international student, one thing ...

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Students in the UK can return to campus as part of Roadmap steps

As a measure to progress towards Step 3 of the government's roadmap which includes an easing of restrictions on indoor and social contact, students will now be allowed to return to in-person classes alongside the launch of the new employment and skil...

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Popular Undergraduate Business Courses in Canada

Hey there! Let’s talk business today, shall we? Well, not just any business. We’re gonna take a look at some of the popular undergraduate business courses in Canada to see if the field of business will fit you right! As business studies do not fall u...

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WTF Series: Business (What is Triple Crown?)

We’re glad to see you again! Let’s learn something new about the field of business, shall we? Read the blog and learn what is Triple Crown and how you can benefit by choosing a business course that has triple accreditations.  1. What is Triple Crown?...

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