Business at Queensland University of Technology

If you are looking forward to building your own empire, then you got to study with the best! In the year of 2017, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) appeared in The Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine as the best Executive MBA in the nat...

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The UK's First Undergraduate Degree Course in Accounting and Islamic Finance at Birmingham City University

Over the last few years, the Islamic Finance industry has seen drastic growth and development worldwide. The fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Accounting lie in the principles of the Sharia or Islamic Law taken from the Qu'ran. The Islamic Banking ...

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Popular Undergraduate Business Courses in Canada

Hey there! Let’s talk business today, shall we? Well, not just any business. We’re gonna take a look at some of the popular undergraduate business courses in Canada to see if the field of business will fit you right! As business studies do not fall u...

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Math is important, but is it compulsory?

Math is quite an interesting subject, isn’t it? While some people break their heads (not literally :p) while trying to get it through their heads, some people find it fascinating!! (how tho how???? T_T) Well, math is an important area of study and re...

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