Biomedical Science at UTAS

Formally known as Biomedical Science, currently is call Laboratory Medicines. They are the professionals that help up the doctors diagnose infections. In order to tailor a treatment for patient's infections, doctors need to know what antibiotics that...

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University of Otago, One of the best Medical & Pharmacy school in New Zealand

University of Otago, One of the best Medical & Pharmacy schools in New Zealand If you’re looking for a Medical and Pharmacy school to spend your undergraduate years at, why not look into the University of Otago? In 2018, the University of Otago m...

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Monash Launches Australia’s Largest Biomedical Teaching Facility

Monash's new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building is now open for students! This new building is dedicated for teaching biomedical sciences. There are 4 "superlabs", where a lecturer can run a class for 240 students each time. Talk about how con...

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What You Really Need & Want to Know About Studying Medicine in Australia

Scenario 1Amanda is straight A’s student and her parents have always encouraged her to take her time and place to pursue her goal. Her calling of becoming a doctor was never more certain after those long hours of watching how doctors work in hospital...

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Here Are Some UNSW Sydney Latest Updates For You

What should you know about UNSW Sydney? Ranked #43rd in the world - QS RankingsHas the highest ratings in research than any other universities in Australia - (2018 ERA) Ranked #24th in the world for employer reputation - QS Graduate Employability Ran...

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Academicians of the University of Portsmouth to Contribute to World's First Coronavirus Human Challenge Study

Having received approval from the Health Research Authority, the UK becomes the first country in the world to run a COVID-19 human challenge study. As part of this study, healthcare specialists will work towards analyzing the smallest amount of virus...

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WTF: Medicine Course for Doctor-to-Be

Whaddup fam! Can’t wait to save lives and make the world a better place? We’re going to tell you about the eligibility requirements to take up a course in medicine at some of the best universities in Australia. Currently, the healthcare industry is A...

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Futuristic Degrees for Emerging Markets in Malaysia

Hiii study abroad aspirants! Do you know the importance of understanding the current trends in the job market? Being aware of the job trends is essential because you will have an understanding of how these changes will affect you in the future. This ...

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