Science & Engineering at Curtin is such an awesome experience

Science & Engineering at Curtin is such an awesome experience Known as one of the best leading universities in Australia, Curtin University has its international campuses scattered all across the globe such as Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Maur...

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Where to study in Australia – Western Australia

Perth, the capital city of WA, with a population of almost 2 million people is well-known for being the most isolated city in the world. If you enjoy a relax laid-back lifestyle and a warm sunny climate, you will probably love to study in Perth. Pert...

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WTF Series: Physiotherapy = Massage?

Hey friends, welcome back to WTF Series! This week, we’re going to talk about Physiotherapy and see if it is your field of interest. Start reading.  1. What does a physiotherapist do? THEY ARE NOT MASSEUSE WHO HELP YOU TO MASSAGE. Physiotherapists ar...

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WTF: Medicine Course for Doctor-to-Be

Whaddup fam! Can’t wait to save lives and make the world a better place? We’re going to tell you about the eligibility requirements to take up a course in medicine at some of the best universities in Australia. Currently, the healthcare industry is A...

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