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It’s Time to Make Some Smart Choices After Your A-Level Result

We are guessing you are here because you just aced your A-level. If yes, then congratulations on completing your A-level examinations. That’s a huge milestone!

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It’s time to plan for the road ahead

Now comes one of the most interesting and important stages in your life. It would be right to say that you are already halfway into adulthood. While it is important that you treat yourself a little for all the hard work you have done in the past one year, it is equally important that you plan your road ahead. It is time for you to understand where your interest lies. What you do after your A-level will have a direct impact on your career. The sooner you start planning, the better!

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Start your research now

If you are planning to move abroad to pursue your higher education, then there are a lot of things that you must take into consideration. Though your first priority is to land in one of the best colleges, you must also think of your accommodation, food, travel and other expenses. Each country has a specific visa requirement and should make sure to submit the necessary documents in time to get your application approved. Start your research now and see what’s right for you. 

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Know yourself

You must also understand the type of learner you are. Are you someone who prefers to write assignments over exams or do you wish to work on hands-on projects? It is important to understand this because each country has its own assessment pattern and it is always better to choose the country that best fits your needs. 

Know your destination well

You should also understand that each country has a unique way of learning and teaching. Before you choose your destination, understand how universities teach and grade in each  country and see which mode of teaching and grading suits you the best. 

Studying in Australia:

  • Students can experience a well-balanced environment, giving them the time and space to focus on education, sports and other extracurricular activities. 
  • Teaching in Australia is a blend of delivering lectures and giving hands-on projects.
  • Teachers are more of a guide than a conventional classroom teacher.
  • Assessment is taken very seriously in Australian institutions. Students take exams and also write research papers as part of their regular assessment. 
  • Teachers provide specific feedback to every student to help them learn and grow continually.

Studying in the UK:

  • Exams are an important part of the grading system in the UK. 
  • In some universities, the students’ entire marks for a particular course are based on their final examinations. 
  • Apart from this, students are also graded based on their performance in their academic essays and other research projects. 

Studying in New Zealand:

  • Most universities in New Zealand grade students based on their performance in exams as well as their class work.
  • Exams usually involve writing essays, answering MCQs and short essay questions. 
  • Apart from this, students also write essays, reports, go on field trips and make presentations for the assessment. 

Studying in the USA:

  • Unlike the UK, in the US, universities do not rely a lot on examinations. 
  • Students are assessed based on their performance during class discussions and written essays. 
  • In the first two years of the degree, the students study a list of prescribed courses with a few elective courses.
  • In the next two years, the student can choose to specialize in select fields. 

Studying in Canada: 

  • In Canada, co-operative education is a popular practice. This mode of education is a bridge between employers, students and academic institutions.
  • As part of the co-op programme, students get both classroom and hands-on learning experience in their chosen field of study. 
  • Under this programme, students are evaluated by both their institution and employer. 
  • In some cases, companies even choose to hire students full-time after their graduation.

Are you confused?

To someone who just completed their A-level, the entire process of choosing the right course, university and study abroad destination might seem way too tedious. 

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That is why we at AECC, have a dedicated team of education counsellors to help students to pursue their dreams of studying abroad. It is not impossible to look for universities abroad and go through the application process all by yourself. However, with a little help and guidance from our team, the whole college application process can be done without any hassles.  

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Wait no more, book an appointment with us today and make your study abroad dreams come true. 



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