The University of Adelaide is ranked 40 in the world for Computer Science and Engineering*. 
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The University of Adelaide is ranked 43 in the world for Computer Science & Engineering* and is also consistently ranked in the world’s top 1% of universities.

The Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences is home to many world-class research institutes and centres, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn from numerous internationally-renowned researchers and academics.

*Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019


Adelaide’s undergraduate computer science and software engineering degrees provide outstanding insight into complex computer systems, coding and the opportunity to apply problem-solving skills to a range of real-world scenarios. You will learn about: programming and software engineering; operating systems; project management; computer networks and database systems.

Bachelor of Computer Science

Duration:3 Years     Intakes: Feb, Jul

Our Bachelor of Computer Science features artificial intelligence and machine learning courses not available anywhere else in South Australia. It’s taught by world-class researchers and teachers within a faculty ranked 40 in the world for computer science and engineering*.

What will you do?

Depending on your chosen major, you will:

  • explore self-driving cars, robotic vision, machine learning and image recognition
  • learn how to protect networks, data and software systems from attack and unlawful access
  • apply cutting-edge data analysis techniques—such as machine and deep learning—to large sets of data
  • design, make and study large-scale distributed software systems, including parallel, mobile and cloud-based environments.

Majors are available in:

  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Computer science
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data science 
  • Distributed systems and networking. 

You can also choose a flexible program with a little bit of everything, from gaming and graphics to computer vision and software engineering.

Where could it take you?

No matter how technology transforms the jobs market, computer science skills will be crucial. You could design robots or collective virtual reality spaces. You might work at Google as a software engineer. Perhaps you’ll legally break into systems as a white hat hacker to test their security.

This program is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) .

*Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020


Bachelor of Information Technology

Duration:3 Years    Intakes:Feb, Jul

IT makes and breaks organisations worldwide. Businesses with more intuitive, high-performing systems leave competitors in their wake. But even market leaders risk losing customers by the thousands if they can’t maintain service levels.

Demand for professionals with exceptional IT design and management skills is rising. And the new Bachelor of Information Technology puts you squarely in employers’ sights.

What will you do?

The degree is taught within a faculty ranked 40 in the world for computer science and engineering*. Leveraging the University’s strong industry links and world-class research, it features an emphasis on systems and business approaches, and design thinking. Majors are offered in either Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In addition to gaining a broad, application-based understanding of computer and information sciences, you’ll develop skills in:

  • evaluating and using IT methods, tools and processes in real-world contexts, complemented by the ability to integrate new and emerging technology
    applying systems-thinking principles to manage and develop well-structured, maintainable and safe technological solutions
  • designing, making and studying large-scale distributed software systems, including parallel, mobile and cloud-based
  • advanced critical and independent thinking, and interpersonal communication.

Depending on your chosen major, you’ll also:

  • learn how to develop highly secure, complex IT systems
  • protect networks, data and software systems from attack and unlawful access
  • explore self-driving cars, robotic vision, machine learning and image recognition
  • understand how enterprise data and AI tools can be paired to improve productivity
  • apply cutting-edge data analysis techniques to large sets of data.
  • And both majors include a significant industry-focused project or internship.

Where could it take you?
You could support organisations’ IT development and management in virtually any industry, anywhere in the world. From a premium European food producer to an Asian bank or Australian airline… From web computing and user experience in the US, to data science and information security in India… Countless paths will open.

*Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020

Bachelor of Engineering

Duration:4 Years    Intakes:Feb, Jul

Studying software engineering will prepare you to drive software solutions to enhance our future for generations to come.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) combines the underlying principles of software engineering with strong technical and leadership skills. You will:

    • tackle real-world, open-ended and complex programming problems
    • take new and refreshed courses that emphasise divergent thinking, collaborative learning and teamwork
    • work with industry mentors

pursue work experience and internship opportunities with some of the world’s best-known companies
complete an eight-week practical experience.

Majors are available in:

  • Defence systems
  • Smart technologies.

A Minor is available in:

  • Entrepreneurship.

Where could it take you?
Software engineering graduates are highly sought after by top companies around the globe. As an accredited engineer, you could develop software for mobile robots and driverless cars. You might create and test video gaming experiences. Perhaps you’ll design apps or entirely new smart technologies. In the software engineering landscape, you can code your own adventure.


Master of Computing and Innovation

Duration: 2 Years     Intakes : Feb, Jul, Nov

Information technology (IT) professionals are faced with new challenges every day. Technical computer science skills are no longer all that’s needed to get the job done.

The Master of Computing and Innovation is designed to build the communication, project management and innovation skills needed to thrive in a growing industry.

What will you do?

  • Undertake a specialised introductory IT program in your first semester.
  • Learn C++ language and programming.
  • Understand fundamental data structures and computer systems.
  • Benefit from the guidance and mentorship of highly experienced, award-winning educators and world-leading researchers.
  • Learn to design and construct large software systems.
  • Build management and innovation skills through core courses.
  • Apply your learning in a significant project.
  • This degree will still be invaluable if you already have computer science qualifications. We’ll simply vary your program to reflect your existing knowledge.

Where could it take you?
You’ll graduate ready to take on a wide range of IT-based roles. You could be a computer scientist, web developer or tech entrepreneur. You might manage IT contracts and projects in the government sector. Perhaps you’ll work in marketing, selling exciting new IT products to the public.

Master of Cyber Security

Duration:2 Years    Intakes: Feb, Jul

Governments and organisations all over the world are actively seeking cyber security experts with advanced technical skills and an understanding of the social and legal contexts of the digital world. The need is urgent. It spans all sectors. And your pathway is here.

What will you do?
Our Master of Cyber Security will equip you to lead cutting-edge cyber security programs —for governments, law enforcement agencies, companies and NGOs alike.

The industry-driven content is delivered over 18-24 months full-time. There’s a flexible blend of online and intensive on-campus learning, with mentoring from world-class cyber security researchers.

You will gain:

  • a deep, interdisciplinary understanding of complex cyber security needs and considerations across multiple industries
  • highly advanced technical skills and the ability to apply them in real-world contexts
  • a sophisticated grasp of cyber security policy and governance considerations—social, legal and commercial
  • the ability to critically analyse and evaluate relevant data and technology
  • the refined interpersonal skills to effectively communicate issues and strategies to a range of stakeholders.
  • You’ll also take specialist courses in your chosen major—Cyber Security Management or Secure Software Development. And you’ll apply and expand your learning through a major research project, or industry-based practise.

Where could it take you?
To the discipline’s highest levels. You could develop strategies to secure health providers’ patient data. Or protect social media users’ personal details. Perhaps you’ll prevent cyber theft for global financial institutions. Or ensure undercover police officers’ identities aren’t compromised. Wherever your interests lie, your expertise will be in demand.

Master of Data Science

Duration:2 Years     Intakes: Feb, Jul

Big data and data science is an emerging area of necessity for many fields—from science and engineering to economics and digital humanities.

Our Master of Data Science explores how data is changing our world. We give you the knowledge and skills to contribute in the areas you care about.

What will you do?

  • Undertake a specialised introductory IT program in your first semester.
  • Build core skills in programming, mathematics and data science.
  • Learn how data science techniques can drive changes in organisations, industries and communities.
  • Advance your abilities in chosen areas of interest.
  • Combine and apply your learning in a significant project.

Where could it take you?
You might help big businesses use data to make more informed decisions in the face of uncertainty. You could analyse data from apps to drive UX updates. Perhaps you’ll come up with innovative management systems as a data architect.

Master of Computer Science

Duration:2 Years    Intakes: Feb, Jul

The Master of Computer Science has a major research component and projects are supervised by leading academics from world-class research groups. Their fields of expertise include computer vision, evolutionary computation, distributed systems, computer networks, high-performance computing, formal verification and systems modelling.

What will you do?

  • Build advanced technical knowledge and skills.
  • Learn to design and construct large software systems.
  • Propose and conduct an advanced research project.
    Deliver a report and public presentation on your work.
  • Foundational programming skills and familiarity with at least one object-oriented programming language are required to enter the program.

Where could it take you?
High-performing graduates may be able to proceed to further research study. You could take gaming environments to a whole new level. You could break ciphers or automate cloud security analyses. Perhaps you’ll develop interfaces for the visually impaired. A master degree will give you a competitive edge in all sorts of exciting computer science careers.

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