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6 Main Benefits of Studying Abroad

Exposure to other cultures

Through studying abroad, not only will you be in a whole new environment, you will also be able to meet other international students who have come to study in the same country. It will help you to widen your perspective and broaden your circle of friends from different cultures. This will potentially help you to work easier with co-workers of different cultures in your future workplace as then you will have a much deeper understanding and respect for others.


Making new lifelong friendships

One of the main benefits of studying abroad is expanding your contacts and making new friends. Many students worry about not being able to make new friends when leaving to a foreign country to study. However, some opportunities that can make the process easier would be getting to know your dorm or flat mates and attending orientation week. Universities usually provide ice breaking orientation activities during the first week to help international students fit in and feel more comfortable as they meet new people.



New food and experiences

Many countries have different food and day to day living culture. By studying overseas, you will be able to give your taste buds a chance to flavour other culture’s local food! Not only that, you will also be able to learn how the locals live and see how different it is in comparison to your home country. It is a unique genuine experience that cannot be replaced in any other way!



Learning and enriching your language skills

By making new friends, you will often be presented the opportunity to learn another person’s culture and language which could be very helpful in the future when communicating with clients. You may even be able to refresh the foreign language skills you have previously learned in school by using them with friends who are fluent and can help you with it as you study abroad.



Gaining independence

Studying abroad has helped many teenagers to speed up their transition from being a teen to an adult as you will have to do everything by yourself. You will be able to learn self-reliance and independence through cooking your own food, washing your own clothes and gaining more responsibilities once you realise there is no one you can rely on to do it for you anymore.


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