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If you have made the decision to study in New Zealand, great choice! Now that you've decided on your study destination, you're probably thinking about which course to choose and what the best courses in New Zealand are. Many international students choose to study in New Zealand because it offers one of the finest education systems in the world; to top it up, the universities in New Zealand are also highly ranked. There is more to know about education as a whole in New Zealand, so without further ado, let's get right into the insights on New Zealand's education system, the most demanding courses in New Zealand, and much more.

The Levels of New Zealand's Education System

Before heading to check out the most demanding courses in New Zealand you should definitely need to know about the education system in New Zealand. New Zealand is a country that boasts of many qualities, one of them being its education system. The quality of education in New Zealand is excellent, as evidenced by the fact that many international students choose to study here. According to the NZQF (New Zealand Qualifications Framework), there are different levels of education. Level 7 is the starting point international students can apply for. Let's look into the four different levels of education that you can choose courses from, as an international student.

Level 7 Courses in New Zealand

If you're looking for undergraduate or pathway courses, you can opt for level 7 courses. Under level 7, bachelor's degrees, graduate certificates, and graduate diploma courses are offered. A bachelor's degree provides foundational knowledge for the coursework ahead. Graduate certificate and diploma programs offer pathways to further study at the postgraduate level.

Level 8 Courses in New Zealand

This level of education offers honours bachelor's degrees and postgraduate certificates/diplomas. Honours bachelor's degrees are nearly identical to bachelor's degrees, the difference being that they provide a detailed and higher standard of education. A postgraduate certificate/diploma is more of a preparatory course for your master's degree.

Level 9 Courses in New Zealand

Have you considered studying for your master's degree in New Zealand? Level 9 courses are designed specifically for students who wish to pursue a master's degree.

Level 10 Courses in New Zealand

This is the highest level of education available in New Zealand for international students who wish to pursue their research. Level 10 is for students seeking PhD or doctorate degrees.

Best Courses in New Zealand for International Students

Now that you are aware of the different levels of education, we have tailored some of the most demanding courses in New Zealand to help you make the best decision for your future.

Data Science

As the world increasingly runs on data, those with the skills to analyse and draw insights from large data sets are in high demand. If you're hoping to land a job in data science, consider studying this course in New Zealand. The course will cover topics like data mining, data modelling, and machine learning. You'll also get an overview of the field of data science and how it's used to help businesses improve their bottom line. If you are looking for an exciting and challenging course this will be it.

Art and Design

If you're thinking about studying art and design in New Zealand, it is essential for you to know that most art and design courses in New Zealand cover a range of topics such as history, theory, studio practice, and technical skills. On top of that, you will also learn how to use various tools and techniques, create sketches and prototypes, as well as think creatively when solving problems. New Zealand is home to some of the most respected artists in the world, and its art and design courses reflect that level of excellence. New Zealand's art and design courses are a class apart and fit into the country's larger arts scene perfectly.

Business Management

Business management courses are designed to give you a well-rounded educational experience, not to mention it is one of the best courses in New Zealand. This course will prepare you for a career in Business administration, human resources, finance, or marketing. There is high demand for these skillsets across many industries, so if you have your sights set on a leadership role or any international job opportunity, studying business management could be the key to helping you get ahead. The skillsets you will learn in this course include critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and communication.


Studying engineering in New Zealand can lead to a successful career in one of the many high-tech industries that are booming here. New Zealand is a powerhouse in the engineering world. The country offers some of the best educational institutions for aspiring engineers. A career in engineering can be highly rewarding, and studying in New Zealand can give you the skills you need to succeed. The curriculum covers a broad range of subjects, from mathematics and physics to design and manufacturing. It is constantly updated to keep pace with the latest advances in technology.

IT and Computer Science

In today's world, it is more important than ever to have a strong understanding of computer science and information technology. With our increasingly globalised economy, New Zealand provides an excellent opportunity to gain these skills. Also, it has some of the best universities in the world for computer science and IT. The subjects that are covered in this course are programming languages, algorithms, data structures, system software, hypermedia, and computer architecture. If you want to get top-quality education in this field, studying in New Zealand would be a great option for you.

Health Care

Courses pertaining to healthcare are some of the best courses in New Zealand for international students. There are a few different options under healthcare courses, but one of the most popular choices is studying to become a registered nurse. You'll learn about everything from patient care to administration, and get hands-on experience in both hospital and community settings. With a qualification in a healthcare course, you'll be ready to take your place at the forefront of New Zealand's healthcare system!

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Still wondering which course to choose, even though you know New Zealand is your ideal study destination? The answers to your confusion are with us! Our experts can help you to decide what the best course in New Zealand is for you.

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