Can Your Dependent Work in the UK While You're Studying?


Going to study a postgraduate programme in the UK but also don't feel like leaving your spouse in your homeland? We all know about the world-class higher education opportunities and the bright job prospects available in the UK. As many international students consider the country as a prospective place to study a postgraduate course, they aspire to bring their family members to the UK while pursuing their degrees.

While you are enjoying an uncompromising quality of higher education, your family members can benefit from the work rights given to dependents in the UK. Without compromising your family life you can enjoy everything that the UK has to offer you.

Now thanks to the dependent visa given by the UK government! 

So who can be a dependent?

  • Your husband/wife or civil partner can be taken as a dependent. Your parent, brother, sister, or other relative cannot join you as a dependent.
  • Your Children under 18 years old.

Both the main applicant and the dependent must be at least 18 years old when you apply for immigration permission. Also throughout your stay in the UK, you and your partner must intend to live together and your partner cannot stay in the UK longer than the period you are given

PS: Your dependent must prove that they have money to support themselves. The amount of money varies depending on different terms and conditions. This is in addition to the money you must have to support yourself.

Are you eligible to bring dependents to the UK?

  • You will be able to bring a dependent if you pursue a full-time postgraduate course which is at least 9 months long
  • If you are financially sponsored by the UK government or an overseas government for a full-time course which is 6 months or longer than that, your family members could join you as dependents.
  • If you are a Doctorate Extension Scheme Student.

Note: If you pursue an Advanced Diploma Course you are not eligible to bring any dependents.

Dependent work rights in the UK

Student-dependent visa holders can take any type of job in the UK. They can choose to work in some of the popular job sectors in the UK as a Business Analyst,  Software Engineer, Graphic designer, Architect, Accountant, Marketing Manager, or jobs that match their skillset. 

They cannot work as professional sports coaches or sportspersons. They are also restricted to work as a doctor or dentist (unless they have a degree in medicine or dentistry from a UK institution or had a UK visa previously which did not restrict them from working as doctors or dentists).

Cost of UK dependent visa application

  • Cost of each dependent application - £475 for the visa 
  • Immigration health surcharge (IHS) - Depends on the duration of visa validity

Supporting documents for student dependent visa application

A dependent can apply either at the same time the student is applying for their visa or after the main applicant has received their visa. 

  • Passport
  • TB test certificate (if applicable)
  • Marriage or Civil partnership certificate
  • Main applicant’s Unique Application Number (UAN) or Global Web Form 
  • Biometrics (for biometric residence permit)

What is the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)?

The BRP is used to confirm the dependent’s identity, right to any public service benefits, and right to study or work. This permit will have fingerprints, name, date & place of birth, photo, health service benefits, and conditions & immigration status of a dependent. 

Dependents who plan to work in the UK must possess a National Insurance number. The BRP will have an NI number printed on it and if it is missing on the BRP, dependents have to apply separately to get it.

Hopefully, we have cleared all your doubts regarding the student-dependent visa. Get ready to pack your bags to fly abroad with AECC Global. To gear up and fast-track your visa process, contact us now!

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