How Navitas Pathway Programs Make University Education Possible?

Starting a university education abroad can be a daunting task, particularly for international students who may not fulfil the direct entry criteria of their preferred institutions. This is where the significance of Navitas Pathway Programs comes into play. Navitas, a worldwide leader in education, has set up a series of pathway programs aimed at cl...

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Top Universities in UK

Studying abroad brings with lot of new opportunities and benefits. It comes with the advantage of being exposed to world-class universities with good research facilities. But you need to decide why to study in the UK. Studying in the UK gives you a lot of advantages that brings students from all parts of the world. Some of the important reasons to ...

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How to Study with Navitas - Explore Global Options

Navitas, a leading global education provider, offers a diverse range of programs and pathways for students around the world. Navitas partners with universities and colleges to offer preparatory courses and language instruction for international students. Their unique approach blends academic rigor with practical skills, ensuring that students are n...

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Futuristic Degrees for Emerging Markets in Malaysia

A futuristic degree is an educational program that delves into the study of prospective technology and science that can shape the business market in the future. This interdisciplinary field can include a range of disciplines such as Political Science, Economics, Engineering, Sociology and more. However, holding a futuristic degree isn't a strict ne...

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Honours vs. non-honours degree: Which is better?

Whether you are making a transition from high school to college life or from bachelor's to the next level of your education, there are high chances you might feel a bit overwhelmed with all the queries and advice thrown at you. Feeling a little lost and confused is something normal at this stage of your life. If "honours degree" or "hons." is a ter...

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Post-graduation courses that are always in-demand for all industries in the UK

  Pretty much everyone who completes an undergraduate degree will be wondering, “What’s NEXT?”. If you feel like you have to climb your career ladder a little more and strengthen your expertise in a particular field, then you s...

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Top 3 study abroad intakes in US, UK & Canada

Is studying abroad at the top of your bucket list? Then you must have decided on your study destination, and probably your university too! It is now essential to know when the study abroad intakes are. Universities abroad provide three intakes: fall, winter, and spring/summer, and you can choose your preferred intake according to your convenience a...

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In-Demand Master's Courses in Australia

Planning to pursue a master's degree in Australia? Congratulations on making a remarkable choice! Australia is renowned for its exceptional academic standards, particularly in master's courses. Once you've determined Australia as your study destinati...

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News Update: Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) Extension

It's time to rejoice for all the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) holders and international students residing in Australia! The Australian government has recently announced that it will be extending the 485 visa for two more years. This is certainly great news!  What is a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)? For international students...

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Data Science – The Most Popular Course Choice Among Students?

 It's been a crazy time for the world's economy - pandemic to the looming recession, the future of the world is hanging by a thin thread. Difficult times have led to difficult decisions, with companies across the world temporarily suspending hiring and laying-off manpower. Nevertheless, if there is one sector that has withstood these changing ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad

Are you torn between the idea of studying abroad or staying in your home country? Fear not, as this is a common concern that many students face while they near the end of their higher education. Deciding where to pursue your studies can be a daunting task, especially if you are considering studying abroad. After all, it is a big decision that invol...

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The Future of AI Education and the Skills Students Need for a Career in AI

The AI industry has shattered the long-held belief that significant change can only occur gradually and in phases. Six months since the launch of ChatGPT 3, hundreds of AI tools have flooded the market at an astonishing pace. It seems developers have been eagerly waiting for an AI tool to test the waters first. If you are a student who has been cur...

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Exploring the Future of Work: Top Careers for International Students in 2030

Throughout history, students across the globe have consistently considered career outcomes as a significant factor when deciding to pursue a specific course or study in a particular country. As you find yourself in or are about to embark on your student journey, it's only natural that you begin to contemplate your career options post-graduation. Ho...

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Curtin University, Singapore - A Popular Choice of Students wanting to Study Abroad

 Singapore is a country that has been constantly rising as a popular destination for international students. Known for its diverse culture, world-class education, and vibrant city life, the island nation offers a unique experience for those seeking to study abroad. With its highly developed infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and progress...

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The University of Plymouth offers GREAT scholarships 2022!

We have another scholarship update for you! This time it’s from the University of Plymouth!  The good news is that this scholarship will open beneficial opportunities for international students hailing from Singapore. The University of Plymouth is a ...

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Let’s grab a cup of coffee and interact at our Australia, UK & Ireland education Fair!

 Maybe you're in the thinking-about-it phase, maybe you're just starting to research the destination, or maybe you've already decided what course to study. No matter where you are on the spectrum of your study abroad dream, add the date and time of our Australia, UK & Ireland Education Fair, and look forward to talking over your preferred ...

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10 Best AI Tools for Students: A Comprehensive Guide

As we navigate the digital age, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has brought about a transformative impact across various sectors, and education is no exception. The advent of AI has revolutionized the way students learn, interact, and engage with their educational materials, thereby making their academic journey more streamlined and ...

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How to celebrate the holiday season as an International student

Who doesn't love the holiday season?  Beautiful lights, an amazing selection of wines, mouth-watering desserts and other delicacies along with some fabulous holiday goodies are sure to make you feel all festive and happy. It is that time of the ...

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Career Crossing - It's okay to change your study path!

Who said you can stick to one job? Today, it is not unusual to have a change in your study path. While courses are becoming interdisciplinary, switching between courses will not set you back. Also, you are more likely to succeed in your career as soo...

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Benefits of Studying Abroad

Have you ever thought of studying abroad but then got bombarded with loads of doubts, like whether studying abroad is a wise decision or not? Just so you know, you're not alone, and we can assist you with this. Over here, we will give some views on the benefits of studying abroad. Let’s dive right in… Quality of Abroad EducationPersona...

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