Why Choose to Study Data Science in the UK

"Data is the new oil".This quote, from Clive Humby, is a recognition of the value that data holds in today's world, where it is now seen as equally valuable. Technology is advancing at a quick pace, and with it, a large amount of data is being generated. Today, one of the top trending professions in the job market is data science.Now, what is the f...

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UK Clearing 2022 - It's Not Too Late to Apply

If you want to study at a university in the UK but missed the university deadline, or if you applied to universities but were not accepted. No big deal, the UK clearing 2022 will come to your rescue! The UK is Moving Forward and So Should You! Many countries and universities are now proactively taking measures to support international students. If ...

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Rewarding jobs for international students in the UK

As an international student in the United Kingdom, you have many job opportunities after graduation. International students flock to the UK in enormous numbers, making it one of the most liked study abroad destinations. The high quality of life and good job prospects after graduation are two major pulls in the UK for international students. The emp...

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Coventry University Scholarships 2022

 2022 is finally here, and it has come bearing a lot of gifts for international students. Adding to the list of those gifts are the scholarships and awards on offer by Coventry University for students joining in May 2022. The last day to grab the scholarships is 14th April 2022. Now let's take a look at some of these scholarships and awards in...

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Everything you need to know about January 2022 intake in the UK

The most awaited time of the year has finally arrived. HO HO HO it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… What else?! The January 2022 intake for UK universities is also around the corner! If you are planning to study in the UK and are looking for...

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UK Graduate Route for International Student | Post-study Opportunities

Are you an international student studying in the UK? Well then, we are sure that you are aware that as an international student, there are plenty of opportunities for you in the UK after you’re done with your studies. Let us tell you what the Graduat...

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Are You Planning on Pursuing Your Dreams in the UK?

Here’s an opportunity to meet top UK university representatives at our Global Virtual Education Fair! Scroll through to know more. The industrial revolution 2.0 was a leap forward in the already technologically advanced world. Many witnessed the orig...

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5 Things Malaysian Students Should Know Before Studying in the UK

According to UNESCO, the United Kingdom is the top destination for Malaysian students to go study abroad. Of course, with its rich heritage, the UK offers Malaysian students the chance to meet new people, discover new interests and attend some of the...

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The Right Way to Apply for UK Student Visa

Interested in applying for a student visa to study abroad in the UK but not sure how? Here are some things you will need to know! To apply for a general student visa in the UK, you will firstly have to ensure that you meet the requirements as listed ...

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UK University Clearing: What Is It & How to Apply?

The world is moving forward in every aspect. Countries are now relaxing their rules, businesses are beginning to get back to normal and the unusual routine of life is now becoming a thing of the past. Slowly, yet surely, everything is falling into pl...

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What You Really Need to Know about Online Education.

Has the current global scenario disrupted the future of aspiring students, requiring them to put a temporary halt on their study abroad plans?  We think not. The world today has taken the plunge to change, reinvent and adapt to the alternative approa...

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Top 5 Things Every Malaysian Students Need to Know Before Studying Overseas

Oh, the excitement of exploring a new country while pursuing your studies! Studying overseas is a unique and exciting experience. There is a certain sense of accomplishment you gain when living away from your familiar surroundings, managing your expe...

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MBA | Cranfield School of Business Management

Cranfield School of Management is one of the most reputed business schools in the UK. The university has a global alumni network of around 28,000 members in over 130 countries globally. It is one of an elite group of business schools worldwide to hol...

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WTF? The 5 FAQs About Psychology 

Whassup everybody! Welcome to the "WTF Series" - What to Focus? In this series, you will learn about a particular field of work, its importance, the courses you must take to pursue a career in that particular field and its job scope in the future. To...

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Academicians of the University of Portsmouth to Contribute to World's First Coronavirus Human Challenge Study

Having received approval from the Health Research Authority, the UK becomes the first country in the world to run a COVID-19 human challenge study. As part of this study, healthcare specialists will work towards analyzing the smallest amount of virus...

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The UK's First Undergraduate Degree Course in Accounting and Islamic Finance at Birmingham City University

Over the last few years, the Islamic Finance industry has seen drastic growth and development worldwide. The fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Accounting lie in the principles of the Sharia or Islamic Law taken from the Qu'ran. The Islamic Banking ...

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Rankings Update | University of Essex

The University of Essex is situated in a culturally vibrant county. International students at Essex can be guaranteed to experience a diverse atmosphere where they can learn and grow together. Check Out the Rankings The University of Essex is in the ...

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WTF? The FAQs About Pharmacy

Hey there, buddy! Welcome back to our exclusive WTF series.  This week, let’s take a look at the field of Pharmacy. In this blog, we give you answers to the top 5 FAQs about pursuing a degree in Pharmacy.  1. Does pharmacy only prescribe drugs for pa...

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MSc Artificial Intelligence & MSc Offshore Renewable Energy Engineering at University of Plymouth

MSc Artificial Intelligence  This course offers students both theoretical and practical knowledge about AI. As part of this course, students will gain thorough knowledge about machine learning, computational intelligence, computer vision and big data...

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WTF Series: Business (What is Triple Crown?)

We’re glad to see you again! Let’s learn something new about the field of business, shall we? Read the blog and learn what is Triple Crown and how you can benefit by choosing a business course that has triple accreditations.  1. What is Triple Crown?...

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