Hello Uni, Goodbye Social Life?


If you’re a prospective or current university student, you’re probably thinking, “man, uni is starting soon, more assignments, more exams, will I even still have any free time?” It is true that it is going to be tough to juggle your studies, work, family and still have a social life in uni, but we assure you that it can definitely be done. Here are some tips to help manage and organise your life in uni and still be able to have fun!


  1. Create a schedule

Well, whether it’s pasting sticky notes on your bedroom wall or having a time management app or even keeping an old-school planner, it is highly recommended that you should create a schedule and stick to it. A survey has shown that 76% of university / college students around the world has said that by keeping a schedule has greatly helped them to manage their life. This means allocating specified timings for your assignments, exams, revision, family and work commitments, relationships, friends and fitting in some fun apart from attending classes.

  1. Keeping everyone informed

This means keeping those who need to be informed your schedule in the loop. This includes your partner, your family, your boss, your friends, your children, or anyone who could possibly spring something last minute on you. Communication plays a key role in maintaining good and healthy relationships with people in your life. Therefore, let them know when you can socialise, when you need help with errands and when you need to study so nothing clashes.

  1. Set yourself a realistic & achievable goal

An effective way to kickstart setting your goals is to use the S.M.A.R.T criteria, indicating that your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. By following these steps, it helps give a clear idea of what you should aim to achieve first or what is pushing you to study hard. Setting goals doesn’t mean that they have to be big ones. For example, improving your grade in a certain subject. This is because “Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement”— Brian Tracy, setting goals could also just be little hurdles that can keep you going whenever you’re struggling for motivation.

  1. Take time out to have fun

Always remember to take a breather! It is important to include fun and your own personal time in your busy schedule. Whether it is going for a walk on the beach, a picnic with your friends, going to the movies or curling up with a good book. By having those plans added into your schedule, you’re making sure you have allocated time to do them to maintain a well-balanced life.

  1. Set boundaries

It will be tempting to push yourself to your limits, burning the midnight oil, replying work emails at all hours, balancing time for the people around you and still having to put in a superhuman effort to achieve your goals. But it won’t be long until you are burnt out and exhausted. Thus, it is important to set boundaries, know your limits, learn to ask for help and confide, learn to say no.

  1. Look after your health

Not only are we referring to your body, it really is so important to maintain strong mental health. This includes exercise regularly, having a nutritious, balanced diet, speaking to a friend or family members even a counsellor when things start to get overwhelming. Above all be kind to yourself. A positive and compassionate attitude can help you manage stressful times.


To conclude, make the best use of your time during your university life. While education is important, you have to strive to make a balance of your life outside studies. Start getting yourself involved in volunteering activities, community projects, club and societies events and more to acclimatize to the culture and people in the country while gaining invaluable experience and friends throughout the encounters.

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