How to Choose the Right University in Australia?

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Why Study in Australia?

Australia is currently one of the top three study abroad destinations based on the number of international students enrolled every year. Being a scenic, vast country with a high standard of living, it attracts millions of applications every year to its 43 universities. International students who seek to study a variety of advanced courses prefer Australia for its world-class quality, highly research focused education system. Asian students make up the majority of the international student population which is 26.7% of the entire student population in the entire country. 
Application and admission process is very much similar to that of the western countries. Students should apply individually to each of the Universities of his/her choice and go through their selection process. Australian government is very welcoming to international students from all over the world. Here are the five things a student should consider before applying to study in an Australian university.

What to Study in Australia?

Let alone Australia , wherever you want to study, your choice of education should always be based on your interest, if not passion. Students across the world make this common mistake of choosing a course based on the employment trend or by succumbing to peer or parental pressure. Even if they graduate with good grades, later when they actually start working in the field, they realize they have not made a good choice. Nobody achieves greatness by doing what they don’t like to do. Career being a very integral part of our life, our health and life long happiness depends a lot on it and so it should be carefully chosen and crafted. Therefore, identify your interests and strengths and find out the most suitable career options accordingly. So, let ‘play your strength, pursue your passion’ be a rule of thumb in your course selection. 

The Course Curriculum

After deciding what to study, do research which universities offer the course. Most universities teach all the most common, popular courses. Shortlist those universities and visit their websites for the course curriculum. Even if the course is the same, the curriculum could differ between one university and the other. Look at the subjects taught and select the universities that teach the subjects of your interests. A course's objective generally is to offer a broader knowledge of the field but only the individual subjects can kindle your undiscovered interests and help you get on with a happy career. If you are still lost, look for education counselors as they know which university offers the best courses under specific degrees. They might even help you to discover the real interest of yours and suggest something that suits you better. Also, students might be able to get internship opportunities while studying in Australia, which is beneficial when it comes to job searching in the future as employers would prefer employees with relevant skills and experience for the position applied. 

Which is the Best University to Study in Australia? 

When it comes to colleges and universities searching, there isn’t any so-called “best university”. It solely depends on the student’s preference whether they are looking for high-ranked university, location, fee structure or other priorities. Some universities focus more on practical learning while some focus more on theoretical learning. Students can always contact our consultant to further understand each university’s uniqueness and determine which university suits them the most. There are numerous scholarships offered by universities for international students with good grades, ranging from 10% - 50%. 
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