Navitas in the USA: Expanding Educational Horizons


As the quest for quality education continues to drive students across borders, the USA emerges as a beacon of higher learning. Among the myriad pathways that facilitate this academic journey, Navitas stands out, offering a unique blend of opportunities tailored for international students. Through partnerships with prestigious institutions such as Queens College USA and The University of Massachusetts Boston, Navitas paves the way for a seamless transition into the American education system. This article delves into how to study in the USA with Navitas, exploring the courses, benefits, and essential information for aspiring students. 

How to Study in the USA with Navitas

Navitas USA simplifies the admission process, providing international students with a direct pathway to enroll in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The first step involves selecting your preferred Navitas partner university, such as Queens College USA or The University of Massachusetts Boston, and choosing a program that aligns with your academic goals.

Pathways to study in the United States


Year in School



High School Year 12

Completion of secondary education and preparation for university entry.


Global Student Success Program (Entry Point)

Freshman Year at university, designed to support international students' transition to US higher education.


Year 2 (Sophomore Year)

Continuation of university studies with further immersion in chosen academic fields.


Year 3 (Junior Year)

Advanced study focusing on major disciplines, including opportunities for internships.


Year 4 (Senior Year)

Final year of university, leading to degree completion and preparation for graduation or further education.

Navitas Partner Universities in the USA

An impressive array of partner institutions, each with unique academic offerings.

  • Queens College USA: Celebrated for its extensive liberal arts education.
  • The University of Massachusetts Boston: Known as a centre for pioneering research and inclusive education.

Courses Offered for International Students

Navitas USA offers an extensive portfolio of programs ranging from foundational courses designed to bolster academic skills to specialized postgraduate degrees. For international students, the pathway programs are particularly beneficial, offering courses at various levels:

  • Foundation Programs: Ideal for students seeking to strengthen their academic and English language skills before progressing to a degree course.
  • Undergraduate Pathway Programs: Tailored for students aiming to enter an undergraduate degree but who may need additional academic and language support.
  • Postgraduate Pathway Programs: Designed for students targeting a postgraduate degree but require extra preparation in specific areas.

Specific Intakes through Navitas

Navitas programs at both Queens College and the University of Massachusetts Boston have specific intake periods, designed to align with the academic calendar and provide flexibility for international students. Typically, there are three main intakes:

  • Fall Intake (September): The primary intake for most programs, offering the full range of courses and the best opportunity for campus integration.
  • Spring Intake (January): A secondary intake providing another opportunity for students who wish to start their studies at the beginning of the calendar year.
  • Summer Intake (May/June): Limited to certain programs, this intake is ideal for students looking to accelerate their studies.

Benefits of Studying in the USA with Navitas Pathways

Choosing Navitas as your gateway to studying in the USA comes with a multitude of benefits:

  • Seamless University Entry: Navitas pathways smooth the transition into American universities, offering guaranteed progression upon successful completion of the program.
  • Academic Support: Students benefit from smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and support services designed to enhance their learning experience.
  • Cultural Adjustment: Navitas programs include comprehensive support to help students adjust to life in the USA, including cultural orientation and ongoing assistance.
  • Career Advancement: By studying in the USA with Navitas, students gain access to world-class education and opportunities for internships and employment in globally recognized companies.


Navitas offers a transformative pathway for international students aspiring to study in the USA. With partnerships at esteemed institutions like Queens College USA and The University of Massachusetts Boston, Navitas facilitates a tailored educational journey. The comprehensive support and seamless transition into the American education system underscore the benefits of choosing Navitas pathways.


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