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Navitas has emerged as the symbol of hope for students who aspire to study abroad. It is not only an educational institution but a universal organisation that liaises with colleges to enable entry programs. These paths are formed to help you get direct admission into undergraduate and masters degrees.

Whether you want to graduate with honours, change your career, or pursue research, Navitas can help you with a customised plan. Committed to smaller class size studies, individual guidance and academic foundation, Navitas aims not only to help you integrate into university, but also boost your success.

Navitas extends across continents enabling students to experience the best destinations worldwide for education that is in high demand

Top Destinations from Navitas Institutions

Navitas Institutions in the USA

Whether it is the busy streets of New York or the innovation hub of Silicon Valley, our colleges in the United States are positioned in locations that are just as dynamic and diverse as our education. Be a part of the American dream and join the steps to the global job market as we help you succeed.

Navitas Institutions in Australia

Known for its world-class universities and amazing high quality of life, Australia is an ideal place with Navitas to study and do research in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

Navitas Institutions in the UK

Immerse yourself in the rich and lofty academic environment of the UK. The institutions here go beyond the traditional parameters of high-quality education to bring in a global perspective, with cities like Cambridge and Manchester well known for their rich academic heritage.

Navitas Institutions in Canada

Canada is a nation famous for its educational system and good living conditions. Let yourself be a part of this multicultural and inclusive society. Navitas colleges in Canada, based in energetic cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, give you all the tools you need to have a great future in a caring environment.

Integration and Support Services

In Navitas, your journey is beyond academics, it is about global prosperity. The moment you walk through the door, you are invited to be a part of a vibrant and supportive community that offers you everything needed to succeed. Our orientation program will gradually get you into your new life and our personal language and academic workshops will prepare you for the university. We aim to facilitate your career development health and well-being through our internships and job support services and health and counselling programs. Get ready to succeed not only at school but also in life with Navitas.


Let your AECC journey be your compass when you go through the unlimited opportunities offered by international education. Envision a voyage that would begin with making crucial Navitas decisions such as selecting the desired Navitas pathway and end with you settling on the chosen campus with utmost care. AECC lightens up your path, it turns complex glitches into easy steps and makes sure you are on the right track to be a Navitas student.

Let's start writing your story of international education! Let's co-write this chapter. Fill up the form, and AECC will be right back to sweep you off your feet on a joyous academic trip with Navitas. Just fill in the form with your dream and we will take care of the rest. – Dare to dream!

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