Psychology at Flinders University



Understand how people think, feel and act

All of these relate closely to human psychology.

If you think that you could only be a therapist or a researcher with this psychology degree, you might have been wrong all this while. The fact is, you can actually go very far, working in wide range of fields.

Just anything related to human’s behavior.

What’s better than getting yourself immersed in the wonderful university adventure in the highly respected Flinders University?

If you have yet to know, the discipline of Psychology in the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work has an outstanding international reputation in research and teaching.

The interests and expertise of the faculty members are diverse but our strengths are broadly located in the areas of:

  • applied cognitive psychology
  • clinical / health psychology
  • development across the lifespan
  • social psychology

Upon graduation, students will be able to grasp the skills and understanding of influences on the ways humans act, evaluate ideas and research carefully, competent in connecting theoretical knowledge and learned psychological techniques with relevant real-world problems.

As psychology requires the production of outstanding and exciting studies, the Flinders University is here to accommodate your needs. They are well equipped with a number of specialist research laboratories like the media laboratory, sleep research laboratory, food research, brain and cognition laboratories. There are just too many to list! 
If this stands out to you, do not hesitate to call us, the ever-trusted education agent, AECC Global for more inquiries.


Excitement awaits you!

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