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For many of the aspiring youths, living and studying abroad is seen as an ideal plan for their future. Australia, without any doubt, is a popular option for them as it is a land of opportunities. Australia is a leading global education powerhouse with some of the world’s best facilities and educators, providing local and international students with a range of quality study options.

Besides, ranking of universities and tuition fees are not the only key factors for students and parents to consider. The cost of living is also a crucial factor to take into consideration during our planning process to study in Australia. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are popular study destinations for students and each city has its own character that suits different individuals.
The living cost in each of the cities differs as it depends largely on the student lifestyle and expenditure such as the type of accommodation the students choose to the way they dine. Monthly key expenses includes, rental, groceries, transportations and utilities (mobile, gas, electricity, internet and etc). For instance, Melbourne is a popular destination for Malaysian students and its one bedroom accommodation cost varies from AUD$230 – A$450 per week in the city centre. If students are willing to opt for shared accommodation, there is a possibility that the rental could go even lower.

There is no doubt that travelling in australia is a key part of your weekly spending but don’t get too worried about it because some of the cities offers discount to students. Taking Perth as an example, tertiary students receive up to 60% off all travel costs. Using a SmartRider card, it can cost as little as 72 cents for one journey. On the other hand, student who are living and studying in Melbourne and Adelaide city centre do enjoy free tram service within the city centre itself. Students who live in New South Wales only pay AUD$2.70 for their all day travel on Sunday. Hence, students who are studying at regional areas in NSW could come into city for food and groceries shopping while those in the city could travel out to enjoy the scene at flat rate. This could be a big saver for the students in terms of their transportation cost. Of course, students could even walk or ride a bicycle to the universities if it is near enough to do so.

Eating in or out could make a difference in cost of living too. It is a common culture in Australia where students pack their lunch to university as it is a good way to save up some money. For example, some students will prepare extra portions of their food when they cook their dinner so that they can pack extra food for lunch tomorrow. It is very convenient to pick up simple cooking ingredients as there are lots of Asian pre-mix sachets available at local supermarket. On the weekends, it is good to explore some food with friends as some of the restaurants offer student rates or student can also download mobile apps which offers student discount on food and shopping to save up some dollars.

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Here is a rough estimation on your expenses when living in the major cities in Australia:

Descriptions Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth
Weekly Rental A$250-659 A$317-619 A$205-459 A$148-469 A$158-420
Public transport (weekly) A$22 A$26 A$23 A$12.25 A$10
Eating in (daily) A$12 A$12 A$12 A$12 A$12
Eating out (daily) A$45 A$45 A$40 A$35 A$40
Night Life Per Session A$10-25 A$10-25 A$10-25 A$9-25 A$6-20
Movies Per Session A$21 A$23 A$17 A$21 A$18
Fitness Per Session A$16-20 A$18 A$14 A$15 A$19

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