Subject Ranking For Engineering

ARWU/SJTU Subject Rankings

  • Instruments Science & Technology
    #1 in Australia
  • Water Resources
    #1 in Australia
  • Remote Sensing
    #1 in Australia
  • Civil Engineering
    #1 in Australia
  • Water Resources
    #6 in the world
  • Civil Engineering
    #10 in the world
  • Mining & Mineral Engineering
    #8 in the world
  • Marine/Ocean Engineering
    #18 in the world

QS World Subject Rankings

  • Civil Engineering
    #1 in Australia
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    #1 in Australia
  • Mineral & Mining Engineering
    #3 in Australia
  • Mechanical Engineering
    #2 in Australia
  • Chemical Engineering
    #40 in the world
  • Civil Engineering
    #11 in the world
  • Mineral & Mining Engineering
    #4 in the world

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