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About Agriculture & Life Sciences

There’re 4 Departments in this faculty

Agricultural Sciences

Teaching and research in the plants, animal sciences, crops and livestock production

Pest-management & Conservation

Focuses on modern approaches and tools in molecular, behavioural, community and ecosystem ecology and plant pathology.

Soil & Physical Sciences

All about soil-related and physical science, chemistry and physics courses.

Wine, Food & Molecular Biosciences

Delivery of Viticulture, Oenology, food Science and other related courses.

Undergraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

Lincoln’s Scholarships

Scholarship Name Amount
Lincoln University – Excellence Scholarship NZ$6,000 to NZ$10,000
New Zealand Government Scholarships (NZAID)(At least: CGPA 3.98) 100%

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*Note: The indicated course fees is per annum based and based on completing a standard full time study load. Fees may increase yearly.

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