Engineering course for Petroleum at Adelaide College


Engineering course for Petroleum at Adelaide College

Hailing from Malaysia, Shane is a graduate of the engineering course for Petroleum at the University of Adelaide College. As petroleum is quite of a rare course, Shane decided to leave his homeland to pursue his dreams in the beautiful city of Adelaide when he couldn’t find the suitable university of his choice in Malaysia.

Different backgrounds, same goal

When he first stepped in to the campus, he felt the warmth in the interaction with his new peers. He loved the diversity of races, ethnicity and backgrounds of students coming from all across the globe. The diasporic community enabled him to explore deeper into the cultural difference of other students. This ignites communication between peers and further connects them together. Although they’re all from diverse backgrounds, this never stopped them from helping each other in achieving the same goal, which is to realize their dreams in the fields of their choice.

Pushing through one’s limits

Besides academic achievements, the highly competitive university pushes Shane to come out of his comfort zone to participate actively in various curriculum activities. As the Vice President of Social Club, he admits that it drastically improved his communications with other students and even his teachers as he felt close to them by heart after hosting numerous events with them. Shane also learns to juggle between his studies and curriculum activities and find a balance between them. Meanwhile in the long run, it helps to enhance work group skills and the understanding of how each and everyone’s efforts, contributions and co-operation could lead to a project success.

Guidance to success

The imbalance ratio of teachers and students in a lecture hall, sometimes 1: 200, makes it difficult for the lecturers to pay much attention to a student particularly. Luckily, in the University of Adelaide, they offer a resource center so that it can provide one-to-one service specifically to students that are willing to learn more. It’s relatively helpful for them to absorb more information, which facilitates academic improvements of their students.

Setting goals for the future

Throughout his learning years in the University of Adelaide, he was able to grasp the knowledge of oil extraction from the ground that can be used for petroleum. On top of that, he had big dreams to achieve, and that includes working and living permanently in Australia after he graduates. He loved everything about australia , the environment, the people, JUST EVERYTHING!

Now that you’ve learned so much about Shane’s experience, it’s time for you to gain the lifetime experience of your own. Wait no more, guys and girls! University of Adelaide College is just the right of choice for you!


‘Education is the most powerful weapon to success’

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