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"Newcastle is a place where if you want to work hard and have innovation, you can open your own business, you can get involved with the University and do your own research. Newcastle is an incubator for great ideas." Professor John Fischetti.
If it’s time for you to unfold a new chapter in your life, why not start all fresh and new in the University of Newcastle? Your education journey will be at its fullest as the University of Newcastle opens up a brilliant pathway to success for you.

In its decades of operation, delivering world-class education to its students has always been their mission. Seek for the day where you will be able to push through new thinking, new ideas and new breakthroughs.

That’s cause everyone is just so supportive in what you love!

Science and Information Technology is one of the most comprehensive and captious faculties and is highly desirable by students from all across the globe. It does not matter whether your interest lies on biotechnology, computer sciences or journalism, you will be fully supported by the first line lecturers who have dedicated their lives into teaching and delivering their best to the students.  Also, you will be surprised by the multiculturalism in the university. Your cultural background will never hinder you from anything because anyone and everyone is welcomed to this big family.

Your growth will be their priority as they will push you into thinking from different perspectives to generate and get the best out of you. And, they’re just one door knock away… they are ready to help you whenever you find struggles in your studies.

They have strong connection with many fields of interest, so you will be well-prepared to face what’s coming in the future. On top of that, their tailored programs will be one of the motivating and encouraging factor that will help you grow and mature not only as a student, but also as a person. Its practicality is proven with its very hands-on approach for you to get a gist on how the real world is.

With world-class research centres, multiple libraries, student accommodation, a fully-equipped sports complex, complete with 50m swimming pool and a host of other services, we provide staff and students with access to state-of-the-art facilities that support their work, study and general well-being.

If you’re looking for more info, why not give us, your ever-trusted education service, AECC Global a call or drop by our office today?


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