Top 6 Reasons to Choose AECC Global for Study Overseas Education


A lot of times, students rely on friends, family or the internet to make decisions as trusting an overseas education agency with your future can be hard. Yes, we know trust issue is real :( The truth is that your friends don’t really have years of experience working in the international education field or the requisite training and tools to be equipped with the latest information that you would need to be successful.

Do you really want to jeopardize your future just because 'my friends are always right'? Listen to us. DON'T.

1. Speak to someone who have been there done that

All our education counsellors have been an international student at some point in their lives, so we really understand what it’s like to be considering international study. We take the time to understand your education and career goals, and then help you make them happen! As saying goes, I eat salt more than you eat rice. Yes.

2. Extensive institutional relationships
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We work on your behalf as an independent representative of over 300 top universities and educational institutions globally giving you a wide range of choices backed by an intimate knowledge of each institution. From history to engineering, hospitality to biology, we can make your study dreams a reality through our partner institutions. Moreover, a lot of universities will waive off application fees when you apply through us! How good right?

3. We’re one of the world’s fastest growing education agencies

Since 2008, we’ve been helping students from all around the world to realise their dreams of studying abroad and have the industry partnerships and local know-how to help you get setup with things like banking, insurance, accommodation and more. Our global footprints span across 9 countries with 28 international offices, and as you will discover we are truly different. If you can't find your dream, come find us! We are like Santa, except we are real, and we bring you the real gift - Dream comes true.

4. We take care of everything for you

We know that choosing a course of study in a new country can be daunting with so many quality options available and numerous wonderful locations to live in. You may be spoilt for choice. So why not let us take care of all the paperwork, while you focus on planning your new life!

As your overseas education partner, we can take care of everything from advising you on course selection and applications, to helping you secure the correct visa, find suitable accommodation and anything else you need (like health cover for instance). We bao mountain bao sea for you! 

5. Receive an unbiased opinion
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While we work very closely with over 300 top institutions, don’t worry as we are fully independent! We are honest with you and what you’d get from us is unbiased, genuine advice. After all your success is our success.

6. Our service is free

Yes, our service is completely free with no hidden cost! The costs you will have to pay would be to the institution (school fees), the accommodation partner (deposit to secure your accommodation) and your health insurance cover. We do not collect any agency fees from you!

FREE & help you with so many things? Sure or not? We know it can be too good to be true. But trust us, everything is true. If you are still skeptical, contact us to find out more!

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