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About Monash University

Located in Melbourne, Australia. Monash has achieved an enviable national and international reputation for research and teaching excellence in a short 50 years. Monash is ranked in the top 1% of world universities, and the largest university in Australia with more campuses across the world than any other Australian university. The new alliance with the University of Warwick (UK) will continue expands Monash global network.Monash is a member of the Group of Eight, an alliance of leading Australian universities recognised for their excellence in teaching and research. These universities graduates find full-time employment sooner, begin on higher salaries, and are more likely to move onto postgraduate studies than graduates from other Australian universities.

QS World University Ranking

QS World University Ranking

Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education

University Rankings 2020
ShanghaiRanking’s Academic

ShanghaiRanking’s Academic

Ranking of World Universities 2019.
Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education

World’s Most International Universities 2017



  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Metallurgical Engineering 
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Best in Australia, Energy Science & Engineering
  • Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
  • #7, Engineering – Mineral & Mining 
  • #21, Engineering – Civil & Structural (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #29, Engineering – Chemical (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #54, Engineering & Technology (QS Subject rankings 2020)


  • Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • #2, Pharmacy & Pharmacology (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #7, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • #14, Nursing (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #30, Anatomy & Physiology (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #31, Medicine (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #39, Life Sciences & Medicine (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #46, Clinical, Pre-clinical Medicine & Health (THE 2017-2018)


  • Chemistry (ARWU 2019)
  • #40,Chemistry (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #44,Geography (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #46,Materials Science (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #89,Natural Sciences (QS Subject rankings 2020)


  • Education
  • #12, Education (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #35, for Law (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #35, Library & Information Management (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #36, Accounting & Finance (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #39, Social Sciences & Management (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #37, Sociology (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #39, Economics & Econometrics (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #44, Business & Management Studies (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #94, Business & Economics (THE 2017-2018)


  • #20, Performing Arts (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #30, Philosophy (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #48, Arts & Humanities (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #45, English Language & Literature (QS Subject rankings 2020)
  • #45, Modern Languages (QS Subject rankings 2020)


There are too much to mention for Monash University, we would like to feature some of the popular faculties and schools for you to explore


Monash University Scholarships

Monash International Leadership Scholarship 100% course fees
Monash International Scholarship for Excellence Up to A$40,000
Monash International Scholarship Merit Scholarship Up to A$50,000
Vice-Chancellor’s Concertmaster Scholarship A$6,000 (max of 1 year)
Vice-Chancellor’s Ensemble Leadership Scholarship A$6,000 (max of 1 year)
Engineering International Undergraduate Scholarship A$5,000 for 1 year only
Pharmacy International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship 25 ~ 50% tuition fees per year
Engineering Masters Pathway Scholarship A$5,000 per annum (max 4 years)
Additional A$12,000 for Master of Advanced Engineering component
Women in Information Technology Scholarship A$6,000 for 1 year only
MADA Grant A$5,000 for 1 year only
Science International Merit Grant A$2,000 ~ A$3,000
Faculty of Law International Asia Scholarship 25%~100% course fees paid
Faculty of Law Masters International A$20,000 for 1 year only

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*Note: The indicated course fees is per annum based and based on completing a standard full time study load. Fees may increase yearly.

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