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Having campuses spread all over in the breadth of Victoria, from coastal Geelong and Warnambool to Burwood (all of them located in Melbourne), Deakin University is recognized as the being in the top 1% of universities globally.

Studying at Deakin University is an experience you will cherish for your lifetime.

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Just an hour away from Deakin University, Royal Botanical Gardens located at heart of Melbourne will now be your go to spot if you want nothing to do with the hectic city life. There, you find peace and the motivation to get back to work on your assignments and projects.

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia will take your breath away with its community’s multiculturalism that you can feel almost as comfortable as you are at home. Their enriched culture will never be complete without mouth watering cuisines from all around the world.

Not to mention, buses, trams and trains will help improve your mobility around the state.

Now, when you think of Melbourne, you think of sports.

You can watch a variety of games such as cricket, Australian rules football (popularly known as Footy), soccer and even the Australian Formula One Grand Prix and many other sports event!

At Deakin University, its sports education is renowned as #1 sport science school (based on Shanghai Ranking Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments) in australia . Their world class facilities are here to accommodate your needs.

Its sports disciplined area ranges from clinical exercise physiology, exercise and sport science, food and nutrition sciences, health and physical education, health sciences to many more.

Undergraduate sports courses that you can enrol for include Bachelor of Business (Sports Management), Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Health and Physical Education and

the list goes on and one and on….

There is just too much to write about Deakin University. We reassure you, they have lots more to offer. Want to know more? Drop by the ever-trusted authorized agent, AECC Global or simply call us today!

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