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If you’re wondering how communication design works, it is one of the most comprehensive courses that requires you to think out of the box. So, get ready to think from all perspectives and angles with an open mind because you will always have to be alert and conscious while capable of working across a range of domains and industries, including graphic design, advertising, branding and illustration consultancies, as well as design and communication units within corporate, government and non-government organizations.

One of the wisest decisions you can ever make in your life is studying communication design at the prestigious RMIT,

where a bright future awaits you.

Prepare to expand those creativity of yours while creating visual messages by combining communication with art and technology at RMIT.

RMIT is very particular when it comes to employing high quality educators to assist your journey in the Bachelor of Design. These lecturers have very strong connections and networks with the industry, helping you to get the gist of what’s coming upon graduation.

Your professionalism, expertise and versatility will make you an employee of high demand.

To further elevate your confidence in RMIT, we look into the interview of our design communication alumni, Chris to share his experience at RMIT. Chris is man with big hopes, and doesn’t want his dreams to just stop at being a graphic designer or a web designer. However, his aspiration lies in designing solutions to accommodate with the problems that people face in their everyday lives. He is that one student that is very passionate in implementing concepts and ideas that can actually help businesses . Another thing that he learned at RMIT is that he can utilize one of the most powerful weapons in the 21st century, which is social media to understand how consumers are and what they really want.

Being a RMIT alumni puts him at an advantage as he had the opportunities to meet people from different backgrounds and understand how the business world operates. Speaking of alumni, they also share great relationships with each other at the same time, doing business with each other to learn from one another.

Now its your time to experience it on your own!

Wait no more because AECC Global will be here to assist you on your inquiries regarding to this course. Our counsellors are totally professional and accountable.

You can meet RMIT University on 23 Mar 2019!

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