Are you driven by interest, passion or by practicality?

We often receive enquiries, doubts and even arguments towards a certain subject field. Higher education has a wide variety of subjects area, and each subject has different majors to focus on, hence we fully suggest that you should understand where you’re heading before hopping onto the train. Every stop and turn will cause you more than just money and time.

This series of info webinar is planned with the objective of simplifying the complicated journey, in order to filter out the final ticket that you should hop on. No one wants to head towards the wrong direction.

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11 Aug (Tue) | 8:30pm ~ 9:30pmStudy Psychology? Siao ah! #1
Curious about what is psychology? Are you suitable to study psychology? Most of all, how fun is it to study psychology? RSVP for this info webinar and get all the answers now!
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22 Aug (Sat) | 12:00 ~ 1:00pm)Study Psychology? Ok wor! #2
So, you really want to study psychology? Find out the study route of psychology before you step into it.*Route = majors, potential demands, career opportunities…
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5 Sep (Sat) | 12:00pm ~ 1:00pmDissecting Digital Industry
Nowadays, everything is about digital. But how wide does ”digital” actually cover? This info webinar will help you to understand digital segmentation and you can decide which role you want to play in this exciting field.
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15 Sep (Tue) | 8:30pm ~ 9:30pmUnmasking Business Majors
Businesses are transforming… More exciting, more interesting & more fascinating! This info webinar helps you to understand the differences in business majors the new world is demanding, and mostly how to choose which major to focus on.
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3 Oct (Sat) | 12:00pm ~ 1:00pmA Talk with Mrs Doctor (Mr. is busy)
Are you’re the next doctor-to-be? Understand the process, the requirements and the different routes that you can take of becoming a doctor. This info webinar is a simplified playbook of becoming one.
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