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Over the years, Australia has been the top go-to study destination for international education. Yes, you heard that right! Reportedly, 7 cities in Australia have been ranked as the 'Best Student Cities' (QS 2022), considering the desirability and facilities offered to students. Not just that, you can choose from a range of courses that are internationally recognized, and become the most desired candidate for top employers once you graduate from Australian universities.

Academic grading system varies across countries. If you are an international student in Australia, you will observe a difference in the grading system between your home country and Australia. But, you may also want to note that each Australian state has its own system of grading.

Here is an overview of the Australian grading system from school to university.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

Grade Grade description Grade scale % GPA
HD High Distinction 100 - 85 A+
DDistinction84 - 75A
CCredit74 - 65B
PPass64 - 50C
FFail49 and belowF

Honours Degree

Grade Grade description Grade scale %
H1 First Class Honours 100 - 80
H2ASecond Class Honours79 - 75
H2BSecond Class Honours74 - 70
H3Third Class Honours69 - 65
PPass64 - 50
NFail49 and below

Vocational and Trade Course

Grade Grade description Grade scale %
C/S Competent/Satisfactory 100%
NYC/NSNot Yet Competent/ Not Yet Satisfactory0

Australian States Grading System 

Australian Capital Territory

Being the nation's capital and political hub, ACT offers popular study options such as international relations, politics, law, journalism, security, public policy, defence and a lot more. The Australian Capital Territory also has a high concentration of research focused facilities, making it strongly worthwhile for students to follow a research path. University of Canberra, Australian National University, Charles Sturt University, Australian Catholic University are the notable institutions in the capital territory and below-listed is the grading system followed by them.

Grade Grade description Grade scale %
A Extremely High Standard of Achievement 100 - 85
BHigh Standard of Achievement84 - 70
CAcceptable Standard of Achievement69 - 50
DLimited Standard of Achievement49 - 25
EVery Limited Performance24 - 0

New South Wales

NSW holds a strong reputation among international students in terms of high-quality teaching, research, cultural diversity, and a safe study environment. The universities in NSW provide a broad range of courses and degrees in the field of arts, medicine, sciences and law.Linked to global research institutions and industries, the universities in New South Wales help international students to develop their skills while studying and be job-ready. The east coast state, New South Wales, houses the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Newcastle, Macquarie University and La Trobe University.

Grade Grade description Grade scale %
High Distinction 100 - 85
BDistinction84 - 70
CCredit69 - 50
DPass49 - 25
EFail24 - 0

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has around 43% of international students as the overall study experience is enriched with unique education and employment opportunities. It stands as one of the world's most thriving educational destinations. In addition to a broad range of general course offerings, the NT is known for providing course options such as tropical and desert science, Indigenous studies and Southeast Asian studies.With Darwin as the capital city, this beautiful state of Australia has Charles Darwin University and Flinders University to its name and the grading system followed by them is given below.

Grade Scale 1 Scale 2
A 5 17 - 20
B4 - 4.9914 - 16.99
C3 - 3.9911 - 13.99
D2 - 2.998 - 10.99
E1 - 1.990 - 7.99


Every year, the Queensland Universities are making it into the top University rankings around the world. The state's constant efforts to maintain educational excellence is one of the reasons for the sunshine state to be the leading educational destination. The second-largest state of Australia takes pride in being home to some of the renowned institutions such as The University of Queensland, Bond University, Griffith University and James Cook University.

Grade Grade description Grade scale %
HD High Distinction 7
DDistinction6 - 6.99
CCredit5 - 5.99
PPass4 - 4.99
FFail1 - 3.99

South Australia

South Australia is a lively region to study and live in as the state is known for its food, wine and stunning landscapes. Courses are available in all main disciplines including humanities, science, business, agriculture, hospitality, law and many more for international students. South Australia is a wildlife haven of the continent and home to Kangaroo Island. The state has the University of South Australia, University of Adelaide, Torrens University, to name a few.

Grade Grade Name Grade Scale %
HD High Distinction 85 -100
DDistinction75 - 84
CCredit65- 74
P1Pass Level 155 - 64
P2Pass Level 250 - 54
F1Fail Level 140 - 49
F2Fail Level 230 - 39


Tasmania has an excellent education system, with a curriculum focussed on preparing students for success in higher education. The programmes offered here focus on building academic strengths as well as personal development. Tasmania is an island state known for its richest history and the cleanest air in the world. University of Tasmania is the only university in the state and the grading system is mentioned below.

Grade Grade description Grade scale %
EA Excellent Achievement 4.00
HAHigh Achievement3.50 - 3.99
CACommendable Achievement3.00 - 3.49
SASatisfactory Achievement2.50 - 2.99
PAPreliminary Performance2.00 - 2.49


Key features such as the quality of higher education and lifestyle attracts around 200,000 international students to Victoria every year. Victoria has a lot to offer when it comes to education. The state owns world-renowned universities with great facilities, outstanding student services, and academic staff. With Melbourne as capital, this industrious state of Australia features some of the best government and private universities in the country -University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology, Deakin University, Victoria University etc and the grading system of these universities are as follows.

Code Grade Mark
HD High Distinction 80-100

With an excellent higher education system in place, you will surely enjoy Australia's educational opportunities and its welcoming environment. Get in touch with our education counsellors at AECC Global by filling the enquiry form! We'll help you kickstart your study abroad journey in Australia.

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