Macquarie University - QS World University Rankings 2024

  In the latest 2024 QS World University Rankings, Macquarie University proudly features over 14 subjects ranked within the global top 150, highlighting its consistent academic excellence and global reputation. This achievement underscores ...

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WTF Series: Dentistry & The Study Requirements

Hey there, happy to see you again! In this week’s WTF series, we are going to talk about oral health! If you would like to become a legally authorized tooth fairy (aka dentist) in the future, read this blog and get all your queries answered about som...

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Top Reasons to Study Engineering at The University of Technology, Sydney

Loving how digital technologies are ever changing and never static? Maybe it’s time for you to explore deeper into your passion. Learn to solve technical problems and enhance your digital knowledge and skills at the prestigious UTS. UTS Engineering a...

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Earth Sciences at University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania. Strive for excellence. In the University of Tasmania, academic excellence and performance has always been hold accountable for one to realize his/her dream. Studying abroad has made better with a place like UTAS to learn and p...

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Psychology at Flinders University

  Understand how people think, feel and act All of these relate closely to human psychology. If you think that you could only be a therapist or a researcher with this psychology degree, you might have been wrong all this while. The fact is, you can a...

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The Future Trend in Australia Education

Riding on the waves of Digital Trends and Choosing the right University There is an abundance of predictions on the future trends claiming that lots of jobs are still non-existent yet in this day and age. Although they are merely predictions, Austral...

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Engineering course in the University of Technology Sydney

   And with education, EVERYTHING IS MADE POSSIBLE! If you see yourself in the engineering field in the future, the University of Technology Sydney is here to nurture you today! You have probably heard bits and pieces of this popular course in this d...

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WTF? The FAQs About Pharmacy

Hey there, buddy! Welcome back to our exclusive WTF series.  This week, let’s take a look at the field of Pharmacy. In this blog, we give you answers to the top 5 FAQs about pursuing a degree in Pharmacy.  1. Does pharmacy only prescribe drugs for pa...

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Reality of Engineering – Is Studying Engineering Really Worth It?

Engineering, to most, might seem like a dull and dry course to study where you would imagine sitting in class and listening to the professor go on and on. Antithesis to the popular belief, an engineering-based education allows students exposure to va...

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What You Really Need & Want to Know About Studying Medicine in Australia

Scenario 1Amanda is straight A’s student and her parents have always encouraged her to take her time and place to pursue her goal. Her calling of becoming a doctor was never more certain after those long hours of watching how doctors work in hospital...

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WTF: Medicine Course for Doctor-to-Be

Whaddup fam! Can’t wait to save lives and make the world a better place? We’re going to tell you about the eligibility requirements to take up a course in medicine at some of the best universities in Australia. Currently, the healthcare industry is A...

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Here Are Some UNSW Sydney Latest Updates For You

What should you know about UNSW Sydney? Ranked #43rd in the world - QS RankingsHas the highest ratings in research than any other universities in Australia - (2018 ERA) Ranked #24th in the world for employer reputation - QS Graduate Employability Ran...

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WTF? The 5 FAQs About Psychology 

Whassup everybody! Welcome to the "WTF Series" - What to Focus? In this series, you will learn about a particular field of work, its importance, the courses you must take to pursue a career in that particular field and its job scope in the future. To...

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What are STEM Courses, and Why Should I Study One in 2023?

The world is changing rapidly, and in order to keep up, we need innovative thinkers who can solve problems and create new solutions. If you are someone who loves science and wants to pursue a career in a field that is growing in popularity, a degree in the STEM field may be the perfect choice for you! But why are STEM courses so popular and in-dema...

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Aberdeen Introduces its New Energy Transition Systems and Technologies Programme 

Aberdeen School of Engineering is leading the field with its new Energy Transition degree. The University of Aberdeen is famous for its world-class energy programmes in oil, gas, renewable energy and subsea engineering. The new Energy Transition prog...

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The UK's First Undergraduate Degree Course in Accounting and Islamic Finance at Birmingham City University

Over the last few years, the Islamic Finance industry has seen drastic growth and development worldwide. The fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Accounting lie in the principles of the Sharia or Islamic Law taken from the Qu'ran. The Islamic Banking ...

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