Your dream of studying in
Malaysia is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying
in Malaysia and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Your dream of studying in Malaysia is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying in Malaysia and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in Malaysia



Why Study in Malaysia ?

Renowned not only as a captivating tourist destination but also as a distinguished hub for superior higher education, Malaysia holds a prominent place on the global academic map. Opting to pursue your studies in Malaysia presents the opportunity to commence your higher education journey within Southeast Asia's dynamic and culturally diverse ambience. The nation takes pride in its exceptional education system and curriculum, consistently delivering outstanding institutions specialising in fields such as aviation, marketing, engineering, and nursing, all of which secure high rankings year after year.

A distinctive aspect lies in Malaysia's endeavour to retain accomplished international talents by extending employment opportunities in critical sectors, serving as a testament to its commitment to academic excellence. As a testament to its status as an international education hub, Malaysia ranks among the top 20 favoured study destinations worldwide, contributing around 2% of the global international student populace, according to UNESCO data. This emphasis on safety is exemplified by Malaysia's continuous presence in the top 25 safest countries globally, reaffirming its dedication to ensuring a secure environment for international students, even at off-campus accommodations.

The compelling reasons to choose Malaysia for higher education are manifold:

  • The country has attracted an impressive number of 120,000 international students in Malaysia for its exceptional educational system.
  • The academic landscape hosts students from over 130 countries, cultivating a truly international learning milieu.
  • The nation boasts more than 10 overseas branch campuses, offering diverse educational opportunities.
  • Private universities provide affordable tuition fees, enhancing accessibility to quality education.
  • Malaysia's distinctive twinning programs facilitate an enriching educational experience, setting it apart on the global education stage.
  • Higher education in Malaysia has gained international recognition for its quality programs and affordable tuition fees, attracting students worldwide.
Key Facts to Study in Malaysia

Language spoken

Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Tamil

Cost of Study

RM 20,000 to RM 50,000 annually

Sources of Funding

Govt. Scholarships, University Scholarships, Private Grants

Exams Required



Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's, PhD


January, May, September


Student Pass (validity varies)

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Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

The quality of education in Malaysia is noteworthy. The country hosts a range of institutions, many of which are internationally recognised and collaborate with renowned universities worldwide. The diverse programs and courses, spanning from Engineering to Business, Medicine to Arts, cater to various academic interests and career aspirations.

Malaysia's strategic location in Southeast Asia opens up exciting travel opportunities. With its proximity to other Asian countries, international students can explore various cultures, languages, and landmarks during their academic breaks, enriching their overall experience. Furthermore, post-graduation work prospects make Malaysia an attractive option. The country offers the Post Study Work Visa, allowing international graduates to work for a period after completing their studies. This exposure to a dynamic job market nurtures practical skills, augments career growth, and enhances employability.

Safety and convenience are integral to the Malaysian experience. The country maintains a safe environment for international students, ensuring they can focus on their studies and personal growth. The availability of affordable and diverse accommodation options, efficient public transportation, and a variety of international cuisines contribute to a comfortable and fulfilling life.

In essence, studying in Malaysia amalgamates quality education, cultural diversity, affordability, and promising post-graduation prospects. International students not only acquire knowledge but also foster a global perspective, making their academic journey in Malaysia a holistic and rewarding endeavour.

Some other notable benefits of studying in Malaysia:

  • Affordable Education: Compared to Western nations, the cost to study in Malaysia is significantly lower, ensuring quality education without breaking the bank.
  • English Language Dominance: The medium of instruction for most tertiary courses is English, which provides international students with a seamless academic transition.
  • Cultural Diversity: Immersing oneself in Malaysia means diving into a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions and lifestyles.
  • Strategic Location: Centrally located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a gateway to both the East and West.
  • Internationally Recognised Degrees: Many Malaysian universities partner with esteemed global institutions, ensuring degrees are recognised worldwide.
  • Modern Infrastructure and Facilities: Campuses in Malaysia boast state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

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Popular Courses to Study in Malaysia for International Students

With its diverse academic landscape and vibrant multicultural environment, Malaysia offers a range of popular courses that attract international students seeking quality education and promising career prospects. One of the standout disciplines is Business and Management. Renowned for its globally recognised business schools, Malaysia provides comprehensive programs that equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various industries, both locally and internationally.

Engineering is another sought-after field, with Malaysian universities offering cutting-edge programs in areas such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. These courses blend theoretical concepts with practical applications, preparing students to address real-world challenges and contribute to technological advancements. Malaysia's strong focus on Technology and Innovation is reflected in the popularity of courses in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science. The country's commitment to becoming a regional tech hub offers students ample opportunities to engage in research and innovation projects.

Overall, Malaysia's popularity as a study destination stems from its ability to offer a diverse array of courses tailored to meet the demands of the global job market. With quality education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a rich cultural experience, international students find themselves well-prepared for successful careers across various industries upon graduation.

Popular courses to study in Malaysia:

  • Business and Management
  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical)
  • Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing
  • Information Technology and Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Hospitality and Tourism

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Top Universities in Malaysia for International Students

Renowned for their academic excellence and diverse offerings, Malaysia's top universities are beacons of learning for international students. Universities in Malaysia like the University of Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia consistently rank among the world's best, offering a wide spectrum of programs across various disciplines. 

These universities prioritise research, innovation, and a global outlook, creating an optimal environment for international students to excel academically and cultivate a well-rounded perspective. By choosing to study at these esteemed institutions, international students unlock a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth within Malaysia's vibrant academic landscape.

Top Universities to Study in Malaysia:

Name of the University

Best Known For

QS Ranking 2024

THE Ranking 2024

University Malaya (UM)




Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Agriculture & Biology



Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)




Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Science & Technology



Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)




Taylor's University

Hospitality & Business



Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

Law & Governance



Sunway University

Business & Media



Monash University Malaysia

Medicine & Engineering



International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

Islamic Studies & Law



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Requirements for Studying in Malaysia for International Students

Embarking on higher education in Malaysia demands a thorough understanding of international students' prerequisites. Navigating these requirements ensures a seamless transition into Malaysian educational institutions, encompassing legal and administrative aspects essential for a successful academic journey.

Graduate Diploma

  • A recognised Bachelor's degree.
  • Proficiency in English, supported by IELTS or TOEFL scores.
  • Two recommendation letters.
  • Statement of Purpose.

Bachelor's Degree

  • Successful completion of 12 years of schooling.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Relevant course prerequisites, e.g., Mathematics for Engineering courses.
  • Health certification for certain programs.

Master’s Degree

  • A recognised Bachelor's degree.
  • Relevant field experience for certain courses.
  • Proficiency in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Research proposal for research-based programs.


  • A recognised Master's degree.
  • A detailed research proposal.
  • Interviews might be required.
  • Recommendations from previous academic supervisors.

Exams Required to Study in Malaysian Universities for International Students


Navigating the academic landscape of Malaysian universities entails a crucial consideration of the required standardised exams for international students. These exams serve as benchmarks of eligibility, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of students' academic readiness and ensuring a smooth transition into Malaysia's esteemed educational institutions. Understanding these exam prerequisites is essential for international students seeking to embark on a rewarding educational journey within the country.

English Language Proficiency Tests: (Undergraduate and Graduate)

  • IELTS: Typically, a score of 6.0 and above.
  • TOEFL: Typically, score 550 (PBT) or 79 (iBT) and above.
  • MUET: Band 3 and above for most programs.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • SAT for specific courses: A score of 1100 and above.
  • A-Levels, STPM, or other recognised pre-university qualifications.

Graduate Admission Requirements:

  • GRE for specific postgraduate courses: Quantitative + Verbal score of 300 and above.
  • GMAT for business-related courses: A score of 550 and above.

Documents Required to Study in Malaysia for International Students

Aspiring international students planning to study in Malaysia must assemble a set of essential documents. These typically include a valid passport, an acceptance letter from a recognised educational institution, evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses, academic transcripts and certificates, language proficiency test results like IELTS or TOEFL, a comprehensive statement of purpose, and a completed visa application form. These documents collectively facilitate a smooth visa application process, ensuring that international students are well-prepared to embark on their educational journey in Malaysia.

Essential Documents for applying to study in Malaysia:

  • Passport: A valid passport with at least one year's validity.
  • Academic Transcripts: Certified copies from the most recent institution attended.
  • Letter of Acceptance: From the intended university of study in Malaysia.
  • Passport-sized photographs: Typically, universities request three to four recent photos.
  • Personal Statement or Letter of Intent: Detailing the purpose of study, course selection, and future career aspirations.
  • Recommendation letters: Typically, two from professors or academic professionals.

The process of applying to Malaysian universities requires meticulousness. Ensure all documents are in order, translated if necessary and fulfill specific criteria outlined by the chosen institution.

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Requirements for the Malaysia Study Visa

Every international student needs a Student Pass to study in Malaysia. The prerequisites encompass a range of criteria, from essential documentation to financial capacity, forming the foundation for a successful visa application process. Adhering to these requirements ensures a seamless entry into Malaysia's academic institutions while adhering to the country's immigration regulations, facilitating a smooth and well-prepared start to an enriching educational journey.

Here are the key requirements:

  • Offer Letter: Issued by the chosen Malaysian educational institution.
  • Passport: A valid passport with a minimum of 12 months validity.
  • Passport-sized photographs: Typically, two recent photos.
  • Visa Application Form: Completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Health Certificate: From an approved medical institution, declaring the student free from contagious diseases.
  • Personal Bond: A document signed by the institution, promising the student's adherence to Malaysian laws.
  • Evidence of Financial Capability: Proof that the student can cover study and living expenses.
  • Academic Transcripts: Showcasing past educational qualifications.
  • Visa Approval Letter (VAL): Issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  • Evidence of All-Paid Tuition Fees: For the semester or academic year.

Intakes to Study in Malaysia for International Students

Understanding the academic intakes available is crucial for international students embarking on their educational journey in Malaysia. These intakes align with the academic calendar, offering students the flexibility to choose the intake that best suits their academic and personal preferences. By navigating these intakes, international students can strategically plan their enrollment, ensuring a smooth transition into Malaysia's esteemed institutions and optimising their educational experience within a diverse and culturally vibrant environment.

Malaysia generally offers three main intakes for international students: January, May, and September.

Table 1 - Intakes and Deadline


Duration (Deadline)


Applications close in November of the preceding year


Applications close in March


Applications close in July

Table 2 - University Intake Deadlines

Name of the University

Application Deadline for Bachelor’s

Application Deadline for Master’s

University Malaya (UM)

30 November

15 November

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

1 December

20 November

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

30 November

10 November

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

1 December

20 November

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

30 November

15 November

Taylor's University

10 December

25 November

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

1 December

10 November

Sunway University

5 December

20 November

Monash University Malaysia

30 November

15 November

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

30 November

15 November

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Cost of Studying in Malaysia for International Students

Delving into the cost of education is pivotal for international students considering studying in Malaysia. Renowned for its exceptional education system and cultural diversity, Malaysia presents a comprehensive spectrum of expenses to consider, encompassing tuition fees, accommodation, living costs and ancillary expenditures. Understanding these financial facets equips international students with the insights necessary to plan their educational pursuits effectively, ensuring informed decisions and a well-prepared experience in the dynamic Malaysian academic landscape.

Malaysia is an affordable destination for international students, providing quality education at a fraction of the cost of Western countries.

Table: Costs of Study Tuition Fees in Malaysia

Level of Education in Malaysia

Costs for International students in Malaysian Ringgit (Per year)

Undergraduate (UG)

RM 20,000 - RM 35,000

Postgraduate (PG)

RM 25,000 - RM 50,000


RM 30,000 - RM 55,000


Scholarships in Malaysia for International Students

Embarking on higher education in Malaysia entails academic growth and presents a gateway to a realm of scholarship opportunities. International students pursuing studies in Malaysia can tap into a diverse array of scholarships tailored to various academic pursuits. These scholarships, offered by institutions, governmental bodies, and private organisations, play a pivotal role in enhancing access to quality education for global learners. 

Ranging from merit-based to need-based, these scholarships acknowledge academic excellence, leadership potential, and contributions to society. Exploring the world of scholarships in Malaysia empowers international students to pursue a comprehensive educational journey, alleviate financial constraints, and cultivate a pathway to personal and professional growth within Malaysia's enriching academic environment.

Malaysia offers a plethora of scholarships to international students, easing the financial burden and making quality education accessible.

Table: Scholarship Details

Name of Scholarship



Amount in Malaysian Ringgit

MY Bright Future Scholarship

For academic excellence

GPA of 3.5 and above

RM 15,000

ASEAN Unity Grant

For ASEAN students

Must be from an ASEAN country

RM 10,000

Merit-Based Scholarship

For outstanding academic achievements

Top 10% of class

RM 20,000

Leadership Excellence Award

For leadership in extracurricular activities

Demonstrable leadership roles

RM 12,000



Living Expenses to Study in Malaysia for International Students

International students must know the costs associated with accommodation, daily needs, and extracurricular activities, which are essential for effective financial planning and a comfortable stay within Malaysia's culturally diverse environment.

Living in Malaysia is affordable, but it's essential to budget wisely.

Table: Cost of Living in Malaysia for International Students


Average Cost Per Month (Malaysian Ringgit)

Accommodation (Rent)

RM 1,000

Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)

RM 150


RM 100

Mobile Phone

RM 80


RM 300


RM 450

Public Transportation

RM 150

Health Insurance

RM 100

Entertainment (Movies, Events, etc.)

RM 200


Post-study Work Opportunities in Malaysia for International Students

await international students. As students embark on their academic journeys in Malaysian institutions, they're presented with a unique chance to leverage their acquired skills in the global job market. Malaysia, renowned as an economic hub in Southeast Asia, offers an environment ripe for career growth and practical application of academic knowledge.

The Malaysian government's commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce is evident in the range of post-study work options available to graduates. These pathways, designed to retain international talent, provide graduates with the opportunity to work in sectors aligned with their qualifications. This blend of academic excellence and practical experience not only equips graduates with valuable skills but also positions them as sought-after professionals on the global stage. To earn a work permit in Malaysia, students must have graduated from an accredited university and have an offer letter.

Graduating from a Malaysian institution opens the door to numerous work opportunities in Malaysia, a burgeoning economy.

Table: Annual Salaries by Field


Approximate Annual Salary (Malaysian Ringgit)

Business Management

RM 85,000

Education and Training

RM 60,000


RM 90,000

IT & Computer Science

RM 100,000

Statistics and Data Science

RM 95,000

This fusion of academic excellence and practical experience enhances their global employability, making Malaysia a prime destination for those seeking a comprehensive educational journey that extends seamlessly into the professional realm.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the top universities in Malaysia?

The top universities in Malaysia include University Malaya (UM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

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