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If you plan to study abroad, the last thing you want to do is to neglect the living costs because you might be jeopardizing your own future. There is no doubt the fact that New Zealand offers quality education which is why it is one of the most popular destinations for those who have big dreams. If you’re financially tight, remember it’s not the end of your dreams. Expenses are unavoidable but minimizing them won’t hurt.

Aside from tuition fees, what concerns students the most is accommodation. House rent usually take a big portion of your monthly allowance as the rentals are relatively higher than many countries. Especially if you hate distractions from roommates, you would have to spend around $600- $1,700 a month for a single bedroom, which can be way over budget for many of us. Nevertheless, there are many other affordable options available as well too.

Typically, students prefer to cook their meals at home rather than dining in restaurants that can cost you around $16 per meal averagely in New Zealand. And we are not even talking about fancy restaurants! Simply going for groceries and cooking some comfort food might be a hassle but it can save so much.

When you’re in a different country, remember to spare some extra money for medications as you might not adapt with the foreign weather. Even a short visit to the doctor can cost you up to $85. However, your medical insurance from university or institutions alike got you covered. So, you do not need to worry about it.

For entertainment wise, expenses differ from one individual to another. You might be into fitness and can’t skip gym sessions, so around $70 it is for 6 months gym memberships. Or if you would like to catch a movie with friends during the weekend, it costs around $16 to $18 for a ticket.

Now it seems like everything is expensive in New Zealand, but if you have yet to know, their public transportation is one of the most economical aspect. Especially for students, remember to apply for monthly pass options in which you will be to enjoy going and travelling around with the lowest rate. In Wellington for instance, you can travel to anywhere by public transportation with so much comfort for a monthly pass as low as $150.

Knowing how to budget your expenses when studying in New Zealand is extremely important. Have a look at the table below for your reference. You can also get a deeper insight by contacting us.

Descriptions Auckland Hamilton Wellington Christchurch Dunedin
Weekly Rental (average - 3 bedrooms apartment) NZ$202 NZ$127 NZ$170 NZ$132 NZ$147
Public transport (weekly) NZ$23 NZ$17 NZ$28 NZ$25 NZ$23
Food (weekly) NZ$65 NZ$64 NZ$64 NZ$63 NZ$65
Power (weekly) NZ$13 NZ$16 NZ$14 NZ$16 NZ$15
Phone (weekly) NZ$5 NZ$5 NZ$5 NZ$5 NZ$5
Internet (weekly) NZ$7 NZ$7 NZ$7 NZ$7 NZ$7
Other (daily necessities /  clothes / accessories) NZ$20 NZ$20 NZ$20 NZ$20 NZ$20

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