How much does your degree in the US cost you?


Having to spend your uni years in the US can seem lovely but not everyone is able to realize this dream. Let’s get real here.
Universities in the US are amongst the most expensive education institutions in the world. It usually takes parents to spend around US$58,464 on their children’s tuition fees, transport, books and accommodation annually in the US.

Afraid it’s too much of the money?
Life ain’t that brutal!
Nevertheless, there are options available for those that are financially tight too. Some US public universities are available for everyone else and tuition fees are the same for both local and international students. If you have yet to know, public universities are usually bigger in space and comprise of students from various backgrounds.

College Board states that tuition fees in private non-profit colleges are an average of $25,620 for international students. The cheapest options of all, however, are public-sector two-year colleges – also known as community, technical or city colleges – where average fees are usually about 20%-40% lower than universities and colleges alike.
*Note: In US, you could find that there are 2 types of student categories: in-state students and out-of-state students. Generally speaking, international students are categorized as out-of-state students since they are not US residents living in the state before commencing their studies.

When transport and other living expenses are factored in, College Board estimates the following annual budgets for undergraduate students in 2017/18:

  • $40,940 (out-of-state students at a four-year public college)
  • $50,900 (private non-profit four-year college)

Still think it’s too costly?
If there’s a will, there’s a way.
Financial aids are widely available in the US that it is rare for US students to pay the full amount of fees. In 2014/15, 86% of full-time undergraduate students at four-year universities in the US received some form of financial aid, including 84% of those at public colleges and 90% at private non-profit colleges. Do your research on the universities that offer generous amount of education funding for you. Don’t be surprised that the best US university can offer the most funding for you.  According to data collected by US News, Harvard University allocated aid to 600 international undergraduates in 2016/17, with the average grant standing at $60,687, while Yale University awarded an average of $58,864 to a total of 336 international undergraduates.

There’s still so much about the benefits of the US to say. Unfold your uni chapter with the best. If you’re still unsure of studying in the US, CONTACT US to get professional advice!

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