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At the heart of the UK's academic excellence, the Leicester University Global Study Centre (LUGSC), in partnership with Navitas UK, stands as a pioneering institution committed to shaping the global leaders of tomorrow. This centre offers international students bespoke pathway programs that not only pave the way for academic success at the University of Leicester but also equip them with the skills necessary for a dynamic global career landscape. In this blog, we delve into how Navitas prepares students for their academic journey, why LUGSC is a premier choice for international education and the unique opportunities it presents. 

How Navitas Prepares Students for Academic Success at LUGSC

Navitas, a global education leader, offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring students' success at LUGSC through tailored pathway programs. These programs focus on strengthening English language proficiency, academic writing, and critical thinking skills. With a robust support system, students receive personalized attention, ensuring they adapt well to the UK's educational standards and thrive in their chosen fields.

Why Choose Leicester University Global Study Centre

Opting for LUGSC is choosing a gateway to excellence. The University of Leicester is renowned for its cutting-edge research, high-quality teaching, and a vibrant student community. LUGSC students benefit from smaller class sizes, tailored support, and direct pathway access to the University's wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, making it an ideal stepping stone to achieving academic and career aspirations.

Studying at LUGSC through Navitas

Embarking on your study journey at LUGSC through Navitas involves a few straightforward steps:

  • Explore Available Pathway Programs: Navitas offers a diverse range of preparatory courses tailored to meet the academic requirements of the University of Leicester.
  • Understand the Fee Structure: Transparent and competitive, the fee structure is designed to offer value and access to high-quality education.
  • Apply with Confidence: The application process is streamlined, with Navitas providing guidance at every step.

Courses and Fee Structure for International Students through Navitas

LUGSC and Navitas present an array of pathway programs leading to degrees in various disciplines such as Engineering, Business, Science, and Humanities.

  • International Foundation:
    • Economics & Management
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Science
    • Society & Culture
  • International Year One Management
  • Subject Areas:
    • Economics & Management
    • Engineering & Technology
    • Science
    • Society & Culture

The fee structure for these programs is crafted to ensure affordability while maintaining the highest educational standards. Scholarships and financial aid options are also available to eligible students, making education at LUGSC more accessible.

How to Apply

Applying to LUGSC through Navitas is seamless:

  • Choose Your Pathway Program: Based on your academic interests and career goals.
  • Prepare Your Documents: Including academic transcripts and proof of English language proficiency.
  • Submit Your Application: Through the Navitas website, attaching all necessary documentation.

Intakes and Unique Opportunities

With multiple intakes throughout the year, LUGSC offers flexibility for international students. The centre is also a hub for unique courses and research opportunities, particularly in fields such as space science, digital media, and psychology. Through Navitas pathways, students gain unparalleled access to these innovative programs, setting the foundation for a successful global career.


Leicester University Global Study Centre, in collaboration with Navitas, embodies a commitment to fostering global leaders through exceptional education, personalized support, and direct pathways to the University of Leicester's esteemed degree programs. For international students looking to make their mark in the world, LUGSC offers a comprehensive, supportive, and innovative educational environment.

In conclusion, AECC, a renowned study abroad consultant, is dedicated to assisting international students in navigating their journey to Leicester University Global Study Centre through Navitas. With AECC's support, students can confidently pursue their educational aspirations and unlock a world of opportunities at LUGSC.


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