Monash Launches Australia’s Largest Biomedical Teaching Facility


Monash's new Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building is now open for students! This new building is dedicated for teaching biomedical sciences. There are 4 "superlabs", where a lecturer can run a class for 240 students each time. Talk about how convenient it would be without the problem of not being able to see what's on the projector screen in a large auditorium or lecture theatre.

The anatomy labs filled with 3D printed replicas of actual human body parts. These printed body parts are a vital teaching tool as it allows students to explore and understand the body parts better by enabling them to view the replicas in a microscopic view from all angles which they could not do otherwise with physical replicas.

Virtual reality (VR) lab Given a VR headset, students are able to virtually explore the human brain or travel inside a blood vessel where students are able to comprehend the complicated nitty-gritty details in a clearer and more precise manner.

Outside of the labs, there are multiple informal study areas to choose from, set up for individual or group study sessions. With the launch of this new building, Monash University are even more committed to training the next generation of scientists to make a lasting impact on global health.

The new building is a landmark at the Monash Clayton campus and a crucial component of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

Learn more about some of the courses offered in the Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building:
● Bachelor of Biomedical Science
● Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hon)
● Master of Biomedical and Health Science
● Master of Biotechnology

Find out more about these courses here:

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