Why Not Study Abroad? Opportunities Are Out There!


Studying abroad is a unique and highly enriching experience. It is a great way to boost your career, open you up to new opportunities and can enhance personal growth. Did I mention it also gives you great leverage while looking for global job opportunities or even when you are building a career back at home? Well, let's take a look at a few things you can benefit from studying abroad.

Exposure & Opportunities

Studying in a different country is a quick way to advance your career. For instance, if you are interested in finance, consider studying in a place like the UK — London is the World’s Financial Hub.

Being exposed to your desired field of study in a foreign country not only sharpens your skills but also gives you a view of unique practices and methodologies followed in your industry. International exposure helps you thrive better in a global environment and that’s exactly what industry experts look for!

After all, this provides you the scope to see how people interact in a foreign work environment – their triumphs, their failures, their discipline. You can take all that back with you. This makes the experience all the more valuable, doesn't it?

A Chance to Work with The Top Tier Companies 

Many students benefit from international education with regard to building a global career. Internal exposure is not the only advantage, but students eventually find themselves working at high ranking positions in top-notch companies world over.

Several students from De Montfort University Leicester have been working at well-paying jobs. Data suggests that some former students have earned between £13,000 and £18,000 and worked for organisations like Microsoft, IBM, BMW, Calvin Klein, O'Neill, and GlaxoSmithKline.

According to The Australian National University, JWLand and Northrop Grumman are some of the corporate partners that the university has a tie-up with. Furthermore, it has been pointed out by the QS Global Employer Survey Report that, 6 out of 10 employers around the world give extra credit to a student who holds an international experience. Oohh, interesting!

Future Employers Value Your International Experience

The academic culture of every country is usually quite unique since each place has its own history and practices. Studying abroad will help you develop critical thinking and open the door to new ideas and innovation at the workplace. For many organisations, cultivating this type of global mindset is the key to understanding cross-cultural complexities of business.

Companies would also prefer to hire talented individuals who are skilled in their respective field of study. Having a team that is diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced in an international environment will ultimately boost the products or services of that organisation.

To sum up, studying abroad gives you the privilege of learning new skills that will ultimately help you refine your career profile. What’s even better is that it makes your entire educational journey an adventurous one!

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