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"Miss Tan Mei Pei was a tremendous help in my application to the university as well as for an australian visa. She was very patient and provided detailed guidance which made the process very smooth. Very grateful for everything & would recommend her services to anyone looking to study in Australia 👍🏻"

Samantha Leow, Shah Alam, Student

"Services from AECC Global is very professional, efficient and the agents are very helpful. ( Special thanks to Ms.Tan Mei Pei) Personally, I was in a rush to apply for the university, visa and everything else. So, for me, everyday counts because things are very urgent. Luckily, Ms.Tan was always there to answer my tonnes of questions and help me with my problems even late at night and during holidays and weekends (mine is special case, never go last minute). Eventually, things managed to be sorted out in time. So, I really think AECC Global will be the best choice to go to if you need assistance in your further studies."

Ji Zhao Yeoh, Kedah, Student

"Mr Lai Mun Yeu is very approachable and helpful in assisting the process of visa application. The visa application guide provided is also a highlight which makes the online application straightforward and hassle-free."

Chee Sharon, Klang Valley, Student

"Miracle happens, they got my student visa granted within one day. Helpful, friendly, efficient and kind, all thanks to Kylie Tan ~ thank you so much ~"

Henry Lim, Subang Jaya, Student

"Responsive, efficient, professional - there is no other way to describe AECC's services. Their experience and expertise are an absolute must-have when applying for a visa to study abroad. I would like to thank Ms Tan Mei Pei for making sure my visa application process went smoothly, as it should be."

Daniel Wong, Sabah, Student

"Thank you Mr Mun Yeu and team for being patient and friendly in helping me getting my student visa. "

Yee Haow Khoo, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"AECC Global is a very reliable, efficient and professional in their dealing with my husband's student visa to Tasmania. Special thanks to Mei Pei who has helped us in our visa application including continously following up with the Australian government. We are truly thankful to Mei Pei for her commitment and dedication!. We strongly recommend AECC Global for your partner in visa application or enrolment to any University in Australia. Well Done AECC Global!!!"

Fazlinda Kassim, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"AECC Global is a different education provider where they really go the extra mile to help you. They have very experienced education consultants where they can help you to solve your doubt throughout the application. Specially thanks to my consultant Kylie Tan, she hold my hand throughout the way from my university choice, application, personal statement, visa and accommodation. Thank you so much for the good service"

Lim Zhi Wei, Subang Jaya, Student

"The staffs there are doing great. They work effectively and help out instantly whenever problems occur during the process of the visa. They also make sure to update me on the visa latest news. They are friendly too. "

Kok Loong, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"AECC Global is really efficient. Special thanks to Ms Tan Mei Pei for helping me throughout the whole process of visa application!"

Finnie Ong, Klang Valley, Parent

"Would definitely recommend AECC Global for those who are seeking to apply for a visa. Miss Mei Pei was such a great help and guided the entire process of application so seamlessly!"

Jia Hui Heng, Selangor, Student

"Agents were very effective and helpful and friendly. They were very responsive and attentive to my problems and my visa applications were fast. Got my visa in less than a week."

Wei Chean, Shah Alam, Student

"AECC Global was exceptionally efficient and had a very professional conduct. I want to express my gratitude especially to Ms. Tan Mei Pei for helping me throughout my whole visa process and my visa was granted literally in three days after she created my Immi account! Their service is very good and I would highly recommend it. C="

Jolene Xu, Seremban, Student

"Services provided from AECC Global was professional especially on my brother's application for accommodation. Specially thanks to Mun Yue, who has given me a lot of suggestions, and putting in a lot of effort to help looking for room that I am required. In such a rushing period, he is manage to get my brother a room which is near to his uni, and trying his best to negotiate the latest lease date in order to save the cost which I deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for the good services!"

Shekyee Phang, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"The agents are all very helpful and well-informed. The guides provided was also very straightforward and user friendly."

Jamie Loi, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"Very helpful and friendly. Thanks Mun Yeu, for being available 24/7 and replying real quick for every enquiry. "

Li Feng Tan, Terengganu, Student

"Aecc global have been tremendous in helping me achieve my dream to further my study at another country they provide a good serving in helping me on all sort of thing to make my education be fulfill"

Shazwan Salim, Johor, Parent

"Extremely helpful! Every time I had a problem or a question, agents were readily available and very efficient in replying. The whole process of applying went without a hitch thanks to them :D"

Michelle Ng, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"Very efficient and helpful. Thanks to AECC, the whole process was done quickly and smoothly without even having to go their office. Special thanks to Ms Mei Pei Tan for being available to answer my questions at any time. Definitely recommend it to everyone."

Renuka Muralidharan, Singapore, Student

"Highly recommend this agent if you're twinning to New Zealand universities. They guided me well through visa application process. "

Khor Ni Chin, Klang Valley, Student

"Special thanks to Mr Lai Mun Yeu in helping me for the application of visa. It’s a hard one indeed due to some issues happened that we have never foreseen it before. Thanks for your patient and I appreciate this so much!"

Christal Chen, Johor Bahru, Student

"AECC Global is very efficient and reliable. We were guided every step of the way until the visa was approved. Thank you very much Mei Pei for your patience and follow up, even on Sundays and when you were on leave!"

Teng Jin Ai, Penang, Parent

"A huge thank you to Ms. Tan Mei Pei for helping me to successfully get my student visa approved. She helped a lot and always replied just in few minutes which I like it very much! Also, she has a great personality and I am very pleased to have her as my agent for applying my student visa. Thank you AECC GLOBAL MALAYSIA once again!"

Eileen Hon, Klang Valley, Student

"AECC Global was very helpful with my visa application. Special thanks to Mr Lai Mun Yeu for replying to my messages at all times and was very efficient too. Highly recommended to those that are looking for an agency to apply their visas."

Jolene Mok, Johor Bahru, Student

"My agent, Lai Mun Yeu from AECC Global has been very helpful with all my documents and submission to the immigration of Australia and to UTS: Insearch. Getting a reply from him via WhatsApp is almost very instantaneous even when he has an off day or holiday. I would highly recommend him to be your agent as well if you're going overseas for higher studies. He is very friendly and very kind to all the students. The other reason why I would recommend AECC would be for their WhatsApp messaging system as direct call rates and messages are very expensive. When I applied for my higher studies, I didn't even need to travel to Malaysia to submit my documents or anything at all."

Abrar Hossain, Brunei, Student

"Services were very helpful, professional and reliable. Whole process of uni course application all the way to student visa was seamless and smooth. Special shoutout goes out to Mr Mun Yeu for helping from end to end. I'd recommend this place for sure!"

Felicia Chong, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"A bunch of professional individuals that make things so much more easier and convenient for applicants. Kudos !"

Jeshurun Nesaraj, Perak, Student

"I had one of the best education consultant named mun yue. I emailed AECC and Mun Yue responded to me immediately and he kept responding to all my small and big questions and explained to me many times till I understood. I decided to meet him and he was nice. I then made up my choice to do veterinary science in Murdoch and Mun Yue helped me with all my application and visa. I got it done so fast and I’m so happy for that. Mun yue would also always reply to any of my questions and at any time of the day even at 10pm at night! He helped me so much and I’m so grateful I am now achieving my dream to be a vet in australia! Thank you AECC GLOBAL and especially Mun Yue!!"

Sasha Menezes, Sabah, Student

"Miss Kylie from AECC Global Malaysia helped me put my fears and concerns away and guided me all through and through my application. She is very efficient with her work. (Getting my eCoe, visa, etc) All my questions and concerns were taken and discussed immediately. She is very motivating, helpful and very encouraging. Thank you for all the guidance and support, from beginning until the end! 😘"

Chua Su Jane, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"AECC Global is very professional in handling student visa applications. I would like to thank Ms Tan Mei Pei who has been so helpful with my visa application process. She was guiding me from the start until the very end, when my visa got approved. Ms Tan is a very detailed, meticulous, and efficient person. She knows all her information by heart and assisted me in a very smooth process. I would highly recommend AECC Global for any assistance required for student visa applications. AECC is very professional in handling all queries and they are very prompt in responding to them. Once again I must thank Ms Tan for responding to all my queries in a prompt manner, even if it was a holiday or weekend. She really went all out to help me and I’m so grateful to her."

Kaeshaelya Thiruchelvam, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"AECC Global has been very helpful in assisting me to study in Australia . The service is very good and they are very experienced with helping students study abroad .They always checked in with me and made sure everything was going fine, anything that I was not sure I could ask them and they would get back to me quickly . Even with my visa application they guided me step by step. Overall I'm very happy with my decision in coming to aecc global :)"

Sylvia Ng, Klang Valley, Parent

"Was applying for my Australia visa and the agents were very helpful and efficient. In addition, they're very responsive whenever I have any questions. My visa application process was smooth and got it within a week."

Victoria Choo, Klang, Student

"Mun Yeu was very efficient and helpful 🙂 thank you! "

Celeste Lim, United States, Student

"AECC Global is a very efficient and outstanding firm in the industry to ensure every student experienced a trouble free and convenient to enter several countries including Australia!! Special thanks to one of the skillful agent, Mun Yue for assisting me applying through my university as I was having a hard time to decide which university to enter as well as the courses to choose but he was very helpful. He has narrowed down all the possible options which makes it easier for me to make the decision!! The services are well done, definitely can’t get any better!"

Desmond Tee, Kuala Lumpur, Student

"Great service and extremely helpful! Don't even have to worry about travelling to their centre. Thanks a lot! Definitely recommended @MeiPei"

Lim Zhi Ying, Klang, Student

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