Math is important, but is it compulsory?


Math is quite an interesting subject, isn’t it? While some people break their heads (not literally :p) while trying to get it through their heads, some people find it fascinating!! (how tho how???? T_T) Well, math is an important area of study and research. But is it necessary that everyone specializes in it? WE DON'T THINK SO!
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First, let's understand where Math plays an important role in higher education. If you would like to pursue your higher education in engineering or architecture , then Math will be one of your major specializations.
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For example, engineering degree. You might have to study the following courses: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential Equations, Numerical Method, Probability and Stats, Vector Calculus and more. If you take up a course in architecture, you will study mathematical concepts like Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and more.

Now certain courses require you to know basic math only. Let's see what those subjects are, shall we?

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Well, it's surprising that psychology , a field of study that deals with the human mind, requires basic math, isn't it? This is because basic math will come in handy to analyze, research and calculate data statistics.


If someone told you that you have to be great at Math to be able to run a business successfully, their perception might be quite wrong. Well, if you are good at math, you are sure to benefit from a few perks including interpreting statistics and data. 
 In case you find it difficult to handle these tasks on your own, just remember that there are several computational software out there to help you with this (tq technology). As a business professional, your problem-solving skills come more into play. So, it’s important to understand what will truly help you grow in your chosen field of study.


Let's break another misconception down for you. You don't have to be exceptionally good at math to become a successful accountant. Knowing the basics will take you a long way as an accountant as long as you are aware of all the accounting rules, classification and have an understanding of concepts like GAAP or IFRS.


As a student of law, you will have to understand concepts like tax law and accounting, which require mathematical calculations. However, they need not be experts, just understanding of the basic concepts is sufficient.
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We understand that math is important. There is no doubt that it's the power of reasoning, creativity, abstract, spatial and critical thinking and even effective communication skills. But not everyone is good in Math so just chillllllll. If not math, there are so many other fields of study that you might be good at. Choose what's right for you and excel in it.  
Well, are you looking for courses that don't require you to be great at math? If yes, then we suggest that you attend the " Let's Talk! Trending Courses: Bye, Bye Maths"webinar. This virtual event will be held every Tuesday between June 8th and 22nd. We are inviting 6 institutions from the UK to help you pick courses without being good at Math. Does this sound like a webinar for you? Waste no time.
PS: I learnt y=mx+c years ago and have not touched it ever since then. Up till today, I'm still wondering when I will need that formula in my life. 

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