Macquarie University - QS World University Rankings 2024



In the latest 2024 QS World University Rankings, Macquarie University proudly features over 14 subjects ranked within the global top 150, highlighting its consistent academic excellence and global reputation. This achievement underscores the university's commitment to providing top-tier education and research opportunities.


Course Ranking
Linguistic 27
Classics and Ancient History  51-70
Psychology 74
Education and Training 78
Accounting and Finance  84
Arts and Humanities 113
Earth and Marine Science  101-150
Geophysics 101-150
Geography 101-150
Geology 101-150
Law and Legal Studies  101-150
English Language and Literature 101-150
Business and Management Studies  151- 200
Computer Science and Information Systems  151- 200
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 201 -250
Sociology  201 -250
Natural Sciences  284

Macquarie University's English Language Center continues to offer top-tier online courses through FutureLearn in 2024, focusing on essential English language exams. Both courses are highly regarded and rank among the top 15 online courses provided by Australian universities, catering to students worldwide. Here’s an overview of each course:

  1. Enhance Your PTE Academic Speaking Skills

    This course is meticulously designed for individuals preparing for the PTE Academic exam. It is particularly beneficial for those aiming to meet university entry requirements. Participants will engage in interactive learning with peers, enhancing their grammar and vocabulary specifically tailored for the PTE Academic speaking section. This collaborative environment fosters practical learning and application, crucial for exam success.


  2. Boost Your IELTS Speaking Score

    Tailored for prospective IELTS test-takers, this course offers specialized strategies to improve your IELTS Speaking score. Developed by experienced language trainers, the curriculum covers comprehensive techniques to enhance fluency, expand vocabulary, refine grammar, and improve pronunciation. Students will gain insights and practical skills necessary for excelling in the speaking component of the IELTS exam.


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